Jordi Costa Plaza is a Spanish artist born in one of the most artist cities in the world Barcelona! It is no wonder Jordi has been creating art since a small boy.  His  passion and emotion for the painted canvas is stunningly obvious, there is depth, texture, expressionism and lyrical abstraction with figurative features and touches of collage .  We loved the contrast in some of his paintings of dark, moody, atmospheric colour with bold and vibrant blocks or suggestions bringing the images to life and the layers of paint becoming texturally emotive in its execution. 

Self taught or art school?

Pure self-taught training in the school of my property, joking aside, what matters is to discover an emotion in someone, and this is a gift.

Photo+18-01-14+21+41+59‘Me’ pastel, graphite, latex on canvas

If you could own one work of art what would it be?

Any of Alberto Burri, would be a shrine and I would put flowers every day.

above my door‘Above My Door’ pastel, graphite, plastic paint, latex on canvas

How would you describe your style?

My son says (art historian) abstract, expressionist, conceptualist, … and 3 or 4 more tags.

the light's end‘The Light’s End’ pastel, graphite, plastic paint, latex on canvas

Where are your favourite places to view art?

I have very little time to go to museums and art events so Twitter allows me to know the art that occurs today and always. Although to see the work in situ on the wall who loves is the best way.

Photo+28-12-13+17+25+23-1‘Face’ pastel, graphite, clothing, latex on canvas

Who are your favourite artists and why?

Tapies, Miro, Burri, Cuixart, and other anonymous artists who sincerely try to explain what the heart says.

the old film‘The Old Film’ pastel, graphite, plastic paint, latex on canvas

What or who inspires your art?

Concept, emotion, feeling, my worry, that all interests me, and my need to be on a canvas and the view of any person who enjoys or has an emotion regarding my art.

49‘Metal & Music’ pastel, graphite, clothing, metal, sheet music, plastic paint, latex on canvas

Where’s your studio and what’s it like?

My studio is in my living room and I work only accompanied by music.

Photo+16-03-14+14+59+25‘Bipolar’ pastel, graphite, plastic paint, latex on canvas

Do you have any studio rituals?

All tools, media, must be in perfect harmony arranged on the table, and the music must always be present.

Photo+12-03-14+18+59+27‘My Past Broken’  pastel, graphite, plastic paint, latex on canvas

What are you working on currently?

Currently working on “2014_A” series but I foresee a very limited life, as the series B wants to be born, and C and D, I’m always looking for new ways and paths to create art.

Where can we buy your art?

Very easy, you just have to enter my blog and use the “contact to me”

What are your ambitions?

A lifetime to paint and make as many exhibitions as I can and hope someone likes what I do, and if they buy much better for my pocket!!

We welcome comments and would love to know your thoughts on the artwork of Jordi Costa Plaza.

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