Darice Machel is an artist who lives on the beautiful Island of Maui, we are beyond jealous of her location and her talent.  Darice creates oil and acrylic paintings influenced by a love of nature and her daily surroundings.  She is an incredible artist that has grown up surrounded by art; her mother is a fine art oil and watercolor artist and gallery owner.  Darice has spent years developing her talent and now owns her own art school teaching the fine art of oil and acrylic painting to children and adults.

Often people say art is a way of life and never has it been more true than with Darice, her world and her occupation is centered around an exceptional talent and love of art.  Teaching, selling and creating work she lives and breathes art, even finding time to promote youth access to the arts, through education and artistic opportunities.  There is too much to write about Darice, an exceptional woman and incredible artist but we urge you to spend time on her website.  Spend time looking and admiring her work, art that displays depth of colour and atmosphere, work that positions your heart in a place and a time, drawing you into the composition.  Darice you are a wonderful artist that we are in awe of!

Self taught or art school?

Was I self-taught? No. Did I go to an art school? No. But I did have a great art education. The kind that one gets by being raised by an artist and living and working in an art business. I literally grew up in the art world. My mom is an artist and was my first oil painting teacher. Both her and my dad owned and operated a Gallery in Lake Tahoe California for close to 40 years. Lakeside Gallery was more than just a gallery, it was an art supply store, a frame shop and an art school all in one big building. I took advantage of the art classes offered by the many visiting teachers who taught summer workshops at the gallery. As my painting skills grew my mom would have me help her teach the kids class she offered every Saturday. I also learned how to frame and worked in the frame shop for many many years. I lived and worked as an artist long before I knew I was one.

If you could own one work of art what would it be?

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo di Vinci. To me that one painting represents more than just a work of art by, in my opinion, the greatest artist ever. It holds mystery, intrigue and sparks my imagination. I know if it were hanging on my wall I would study it every day just to discover a new mystery it holds.

How would you describe your style?

My main body of work is realism. My main subjects are landscapes and seascapes. However, I also love to explore other styles and techniques. I allow myself the freedom to play and create like a child. This helps me to keep an open mind to new possibilities and new creations. I get great joy from my play time because what ever the outcome I know it comes from my inner child and not my adult self. I try to not take myself to seriously.

Where are your favourite places to view art?

Because I grew up in a gallery I have to say Galleries are my favorite places to view art. Next would be museums. Here in Lahaina every Friday night is art night. It’s also “date night” for my partner and I. We take advantage of visiting many of the galleries along Front Street and it has become our habit to start and finish our night at our favorite gallery, Village Galleries.

Who are your favourite artists and why?

This is a tough question because I have so many favorites. Most of my friends are artists and each and every one of them is so different. I love the diversity of all their work. But if I had to choose just one artist it would be Leonardo Di Vinci. Everything about Leonardo intrigues me, not just his art. He was a man way ahead of his time. If he were alive today I would follow him around like a puppy.

What or who inspires your art?

The world around me inspires me the most. I happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the tropical Island of Maui. Here I’m surrounded by the west Maui mountains and the beautiful Pacific ocean. Every day I’m greeted with incredible views. I love studying the clouds and the shadows that play along the valley of the mountains or watching the waves as they come in to caress the sandy beaches. The colors of flowers, the sky, the ocean, it all inspirers me.

Where’s your studio and what’s it like?

My studio is located on the West side of Maui in a town called Lahaina. It’s one of the office spaces in my partners business, Island Printing & Imaging. I converted the space into my studio, office and art school. I spend 6 days a week in my studio either working on a painting or teaching or managing and marketing my work.

Do you have any studio rituals?

Yes, the first few hours in the morning are dedicated to the business side of my work. I read and answer emails, check in and update my Facebook and Twitter accounts, check in on the two online art groups I run. Then I work on one of my two websites by either adding a new painting or writing a new blog entry. After that I work on my art or teach a class, eat lunch then go back to working on my art or teach another class. My days are full and the time flies by so fast. It’s easy for me to lose track of time. My partner often comes in to tell when it’s time to go home.

What are you working on currently?

On my easel right now is a 30×30 inch canvas of a beautiful Maui sunset in progress. The sky is very dramatic with a lot of color. That color is also reflected in the water and the wet sand of the beach. I’m showing the progress of this painting on my Facebook art page if you’d like to see it. https://www.facebook.com/Darice.ArtEstudio

Where can we buy your art?

I show my work in three galleries on Maui, Village Galleries in Lahaina, Village Galleries at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua and Kaukini Gallery in Kahakuloa. You can also buy my work through my website www.daricemachel.com

What are your ambitions?

Right now my biggest ambition is to expand my studio space to accommodate a larger classroom, a frame shop and a bigger gallery space. I would also like to write another “Learn how to paint” book. I have my first book coming out August 1, 2014. This book I co-wrote with 5 other artist. The title is “The Art of Painting in Acrylic” published by Walter Foster. It’s available on Amazon.


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