Ella Prakash was born in Bahrain and is an artist determined to empower women through her colourful abstractions.  Inspired by artists such as Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso she creates work that is colourful, passionate and powerful.  Ella was drawn to art from the age of eight but in her late teens she was encouraged to put her energy into family rather than her creative urges.  Born an artist Ella could not repress her desire to create and took every opportunity to read art books and learn techniques.  In 1984 Ella made her first major move within the art world and exhibited alongside other well-known Bahraini artists.  Over the years Ella has been building a reputation as an artist and is now ready to tackle the international art market and has a show in Miami and London in the pipeline.  Ella is determined to show that artists from Bahrain are talented, ambitious and ready to interact with the global art market.  Ella is an artist that is carving out her place, fulfilling her ambition to be a successful and inspirational international artist, who is able to depict the power, emotion and aspirations of all women.  Thank you Ella for sharing your art, your dreams, your talent with us!

‘The paintings carry a message within the mystical lines, surrealistic shapes and perspective designs that are painted with soft colours, light and dark, displaying playful elements of mass, volume and texture.’ Ella

Self taught or art school?

Self taught I have always been keen to paint from my childhood.

If you could own one work of art what would it be?

Paul klee

How would you describe your style?

I have been experimenting with many different techniques to challenge myself in the art world, I have found myself as an abstract figurative artist I feel its unique kind of work because I like to use transparent layers of colors to show emotions and inner feeling and the beauty of a woman with bold small strokes using a very limited palette of colors. Art for me, has been a way to express my perception, dreams and aspirations about women. In early years women’s roles have varied in the society for a period of time. I tend to focus on the topic of discrimination and the double standards faced within the walls of her society.  I have always visually managed to incorporate all the elements of this topic and create an impact in sincere positivity. I change my palette depending on a series of work; lately I’ve been working on a series of seamless cubic patterns with underlying perspectives of women within transparent layers to capture her distinctive personality.

Where are your favourite places to view art?

Art galleries , art fairs, or museums.

Who are your favorite artists and why?

I adore work of Paul Klee, fantastic colors patterns, and Pablo Picasso the amazing cubism.

What or who inspires your art?

My inspiration comes within me and from my childhood and till last minute of my breath I would like to paint and I will paint. As mentioned I am inspired by artists Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso who give me a lot of motivation in my work. Inspiration is all around me, my travels inspire me, my family inspires me, others (artists and non-artists) inspire me.

Where’s your studio and what’s it like?

My studio it’s in the house I have taken up a big space in the corner with a big glass window view because I need natural day light when I am working and it’s easy to stay near my family when I am working.

Do you have any studio rituals?

No I don’t have.

What are you working on currently?

I am currently working on a project for my solo show Abstract figurative art is what I choose as a theme and I express my strong feeling to capture the beauty of women. Positive feminism is what I explore. Powerful and strong women is what I want to depict in my art. I want to celebrate positivity and positive strength and power that is beneficial not only for women but the society at large. I believe through art, we can challenge things, change things, improve things and make our own long-lasting contribution in the society and leave our little legacy when we are no longer here.  The 21st century is about collaboration, joining forces, working more closely together, helping each other develop, prosper, improve, achieve things we want to achieve.  We learn all our life and we never stop developing and improving. When we do, we are practically ‘dead’

Where can we buy your art?

You can buy my art work on my online www.ellagallery.com www.debutcontemporary.com , www.artgallery.co.uk. www.indianartcollectors.com

What are your ambitions?

My dream and passion was to become a successful international artist, have the world to understand and be able to interpret my messages through my paintings and have my name listed among the Contemporary artists that probably by then have had avant-garde art form.  I am very excited about the future and am looking forward to accomplish many more things and assist others to do the same.

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