Gray’s Art Gallery Presents FLUX At The Rag Factory

16-18 Heneage Street
London E1 5LJ
18th -22nd Feb 2015

PV 18th Feb RSVP

Mark your calendar as Gray’s Art Gallery announces the first FLUX Exhibition at The Rag Factory, just off Brick Lane, London, February 2015

Gray’s Art Gallery is an exciting new venture aiming to bridge the gap between artists and buyers, bringing contemporary art to a wider audience and actively seeking collaborations, commissions, and fantastic venues for exhibitions.  The first event ‘FLUX’ will be held in February 2015 and will showcase a group of 70 exceptionally talented contemporary artists.  FLUX will be a visual feast of art, sculpture, live graffiti and performance. 

Work is curated globally from a diverse range of artists all chosen for having an edge in their field. Visitors will have a chance to get up close and personal with today’s hottest artists on the 18th of February when the artists showcasing will be at FLUX to discuss their work.

Artist Gordon M Scott who has been selected for FLUX recently shared“In advance of London’s most exciting and vibrant collection of artist’s February 2015 FLUX exhibition…only a psychic could tell you what the great potential may be. One lingering glance through the work of the exhibitors will make your heart race. I cannot think of another recent occasion in the contemporary field where the sheer breadth of mature dynamic talent graces gallery walls. This has no echo of the run of the mill annual open shows! Be there if you dare.”Moving away from the art fair format where little attention is paid to the visuality of display,  FLUX will be a large scale exhibition providing a vibrant and creative atmosphere for both artists and art lovers.FLUX will also offer a barter scheme as an alternative method of payment.  Founder Lisa Gray said

‘Gray’s Art Gallery is passionate about finding new ways to bring art collectors and artists together.  In the current economic climate it’s beneficial to be able to buy art you love with anything! Products or services can be offered in exchange for art.   The scheme allows companies to start a collection at the cost price of their goods or services.  For example a hotel may offer accommodation for a week as payment for a piece of work they love. We’re very excited to bring incredible art by some of the most promising artists to new collectors.’

Selected artists include:

Adam Kiger, Carlos Martyn Burgos,Darren MacPherson, Elizabeth James, Emma Caton, Francesco Jacobello, Frikkx,Gordon M Scott, Hannah Baker, Ian Wilgaus, James Starr, John Clare, Justin Carroll, Keith Edward Newlove, Kris Cieslak, Lee Ellis, Marnie Scarlet-Diva, Mark Lloyd, Martin Olsson, Mason Storm, Max Brazier-Jones, Michael Guy, Patrick Colhoun, Sally Jones, Sam Shendi, Sarah Purvey

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