We are delighted to introduce artist Stasha Lewis to both The Palette Pages and soon FLUX Exhibition at The Royal College of Art.   Stasha creates art that is bold and energetic, art that is vibrant and full of passion.  Stasha has recently experimented with brushes but for most of her artistic career her tools have been natural and powerful as she uses her body and emotions to transport paint to canvas.  Stasha has exhibited her work at places such as Intimate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and Cork Street in London and is certainly making her mark in the art world.    Stasha is an artist who is not afraid to develop her style.  Wherever her creativity leads her, there is always a strength of character and an undenying ability to depict her needs, her loves, her losses in a mass of paint on canvas.   Stasha could have easily followed a different world and indulged in a career of retail and fashion, but her heart and soul has always been connected to art.

Stasha has the unique ability of creating a range of work that differs dramitically but still fits her style.  Art that ranges from softly toned pieces to aggressive and almost violent displays of paint thrown on canvas.  What we see is Stasha; a women who has lived and continues to live in an openly artistic way.  An artist that truly needs to represent her feelings through impactful art.  Thank you Stasha for sharing your work with us.

Self Taught or Art School?

Self taught.  Art at school was the only thing I rebelled at. I wanted to draw my way. I wanted to see it my way. I thought this was the whole point of art. Not to say there are not processes to learn and inspiration to be felt,  but ultimately, I wanted the outcome to be mine and mine alone.

If you could own one work of art what would it be?

Gustav Klimpt The Kiss. Though I find the question somewhat impossible to truly answer, as I have so much art by so many greats still yet to see.

How would you describe your style?

Different every time I start a new collection. The first two,  REACTION  and SOFT I started with my hands and fingers only, I wanted to truly touch and feel the paint.  I painted frantically like this. Sometimes spinning and throwing the paint.  Any one painting was never left unfinished.  I started it, I finished it.  It would literally pour out of me.  What I was painting had to be felt and transferred to canvass as I was feeling it. I painted a moment.

My third exhibition was COLOUR.  It was what it said on the tin.  Mountains of it.  The biggest canvass I could find, the tallest I could reach, and some too wide and too tall, that had to have constructions made for me to get to the centre or edge.  The more colour I could fit and see in an instant, the better. This collection had been a long time coming. I hadn’t, for family circumstances, been able to paint.  When I could, all I could do, all I wanted to feel, was colour. I needed to feel alive.

I started to use brushes on my forth collection. The reason for this is simple.  I needed precision.  Some paintings took days and days to finish.  I had to find the patience I didn’t think I had.  This exhibition would be for my Beloved Father, who lives now as a bright and beautiful star. These paintings were about love and loss, but never losing. It was titled And The Stars Shine Down.  The series I’m working on now, is again totally different. They are black and white.

Where are your favourite places to view art?

Wherever I am, particularly when traveling,  if there is a gallery in close proximity, I will visit it.  Moreover though, I cannot pass a high street gallery without sticking my head through the door, or at the very least peering and scanning through the window to see what there is to see.

Who are your favourite artists and why?

Again, an impossible question, as so many have to much to offer, and I don’t know nearly enough as I’d like to, but I do love Miro, Kees Van Dongen, Matisse, some Chagall’s, Picasso, but more his line drawings, Rothko, Van Gogh, Mondian, Pollock, Esher, Giacometti….The list is endless.

What or who inspires your art?

My eyes, my emotions and the challenge. I do love a challenge.

Where’s your studio and what’s it like?

At home. And thank goodness. Inspiration has no manners.  The floor is a sight to behold.  A constant wonderful reminder of my passion and work. A glorious orchestra of time.  And it painted itself.

Do you have any studio rituals?

Yes. Once I’ve ripped the cellophane off a canvass with reckless abandon, I make myself sit in front of it for the length of a cigarette, and then I start.

What are you working on currently?

As I said, a black and white collection. Very unsual for me.  I have also with this collection, a center piece which I’m excited about, ( much like the “Unseatable Sofa that I had in The Stars Shine Down exhibition) but I don’t think I will reveal what it is just yet!

Where can we buy your art?

I am contactable through Vanessa Flynn 07767497608
My website is stasha-art.com

What are your ambitions?

Recognition is the thing I think we all strive for. But personally, to believe and grow.

Thank you Stasha for sharing your art with The Palette Pages!


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