ARTROOMS 2016, the largest fair in the UK featuring over 80 independent artists from 33 Countries

During the last few months the organisers of ARTROOMS have issued a casting call to a diverse selection of artists from across the globe. The outcome has enabled the arrangement of a resolutely unique event that features the largest collection of independent, artistic talents in one centralised location.

ARTROOMS enables emerging artists to exhibit within a grand space and thus provides an irreplaceable platform of visibility in central London. 70 rooms at Meliá White House, a top four-star deluxe hotel next to Regent’s Park, will be transformed into innovative show spaces throughout a four-day period of London Arts Fair.

The team behind ARTROOMS incorporates established experts and recognised sponsors including Contini Art UK, Art Finder, Le Dame Art Gallery, Konnii, Brownhill Insurance, Celeste Prize, Useum and Belluzzo and Partners, among others. We also benefit from the involvement of various charities including the celebrated Well Child organisation. The extensive variety of skillsets and expertise behind the project are united in their passion to provide support for the next generation of international artists.

Following the success of last year’s event, the bar is set very high for this year’s fair. A carefully constructed programme enables the in-house curation of each wing alongside featured commission projects from prestigious guest artists. ARTROOMS will also host a series of panel discussions and artist talks curated by Marine Tanguy Art.

For the Art Projects section “Arts vs Science & Technology”, Artrooms is thrilled to offer visitors an entirely immersive exhibition experience with new tech involved as Virtual Reality (gyroscopic 360-degree immersive video and Oculus Rift glasses) by team SpheresVR for the project Refugee and Video Mapping by Diego Loreggian together with special guest artist Michele Tombolini. In the same section, 2 more guest artists: Peter Crnokrak, multi awarded London based computational artist and Daniela Papadia, presenting a beautiful 12 meters tapestry reproducing the Human Genoma.
Refugee, a project and a collective exhibition hosted by Le Dame Art Gallery (also based at the Meliá White House and Event Partner of Artrooms). Using different approaches, various voices, film, photography, sculpture and installation this group of international artists respond to the recent migrant crisis.

ARTROOMS will host an invitation-only preview on 22 January 2016 and will open to the general public from 23 – 25 January 2016. Cristina Cellini Antonini, ARTROOMS funder, commented, “we decided to make the event exclusive to independent artists with the hope that galleries would be happy to sponsor this as a hunting ground rather than a showcase”. ARTROOMS co-founder, Francesco Fanelli, continues “as a private collector I am always looking for emerging artists and this fair is the perfect “hunting ground” to uncover tomorrow’s talents”.

Selected Artists:
Faisal Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Estabrak Al-Ansari (Iraq), Inas Al-Soqi (United States), Zolt Asta (Hungary), Diego Baldoin (Italy), Emily Beza (United Kingdom), John Brennan (United Kingdom), Kit Brown (United Kingdom), Michael Cheung (Hong Kong), Anna Cortada (Spain), Angela Corti (Italy), Sarka Darton (Czech Republic), Claudia De Grandi (United Kingdom), Robert Lee Davis (United Kingdom), Alessandra De Costanzo (Italy), Patricia Del Monaco (Italy), Ale Dini (Italy), Melissa Eder (United States), Beatriz Elorza (Spain), Delfina Emmanuel (Italy), Jake Francis (United Kingdom), Jonathan Gershon (Israel), Otilia Goodhind (Spain), Roberto Grosso (Italy), Samuel Harriman (United Kingdom), Ernesto Heen (Germany), Evar Hussayini (Sweden), Angel Iliev (Ukraine), Irma Irsara (Italy), Lea Jazbec (Slovenia), Lyudmila Kalinichenko (Russia), Taro Karibe (Japan), Jon Kehoe (United Kingdom), Hyunsoo Kim (Germany – South Korea), Wendy Lee Warne (Singapore), Rosalind Lemoh (Sierra Leone), Silvia Lerin (Spain), Jung-Chan Liao (Taiwan), Dimitrios Likissas (Belgium), Michelle Loa Kum Cheung (Australia), Justine Luce (Latvia), Manja McCade (Germany), Jack Mclean (United Kingdom), Yuliya Martinova (United Kingdom) , Lialiana Mascio (Venezuela), Paola Minekov (Bulgaria), Ivona Moro (Slovenia), Sanaz Motamed Rastegar (Iran), Ange Mukeza (Congo), Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman (Turkey), Milena Neubert (Bulgaria), Tony Okura-Martins (Brazilian-Japanese), Alice Padovani (Italy), Miodrag Peric (Serbia and Montenegro), Fariba Rahnavard (Iran), Ian Rayer-Smith (United Kingdom), Margot Roulleau-Gallais (France), MH Sarkis (Lebanon), Neil Shirreff (United Kingdom) , Shelley Theodore (Australia), Nicola Troll (United Kingdom), Joy Trpkovic (United Kingdom), Bobby van Druff (United States), Tinu Verghis (India), Enrique Verdugo (Afghanistan – Chile), Renata Vincoletto (Brazil), Milly Anne Vinogradoff (France), Simona Visan (Romania), Teresa Wells (United Kingdom), Maggie Williams (United Kingdom), Holly Wilson (United States), Liesha Yaz (United Kingdom), Egor Zigura (Ukraine)

Guests Artists:
Peter Crnokrak, Daniela Papadia, Paolo Vegas, Michele Tombolini, Andrea Sampaolo, Will Thomson, Lorenzo Belenguer.
Note to the Editor

22 – 25 January
Meliá White House
Albany St, Regent’s Park
NW1 3UP London
T: 0044 (0) 7947653530

Visitor tickets are on sale on
The Fair pass is now on sale at £ 11 (£18 on the door)

About ARTROOMS 2016 – ARTROOMS is an innovative concept of art exhibition that offers independent artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in an intimate dimension, shortening the distance between artists, curators and visitors. The unique setting of a luxury hotel room becomes a pioneering way to access art. ARTROOMS Contemporary Art Fair embraces talented and emerging artists. It is defined by its novel way of showcasing artwork, whilst also successfully creating a well-developed art platform for the exhibition of over 700 artworks in 2015. This fair has a wide-reaching audience; and will attract over 3,000 visitors, including press, to participate in the appreciation of unique art pieces whilst in a luxurious and relaxing environment.

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