Scottish artist Kirsty Whiten is known for her extraordinary skill in creating often disturbing and arresting works.  Now the artist is wrapping up a self started and hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to create a unique limited edition hard cover book. Wronger Rites – The Quing of the Now Peoples will contain a collection of Whiten’s own work, drawings, water-colour and oil paintings.

Wronger Rites will be released in August 2016. Wronger Rites depicts a set of imagined rituals performed by the Now Peoples and overseen by their gender-queer priestess, the Quing.

Whiten’s work is confronting and often dark, but within Wronger Rites she aims to tell the story of ritual, as a balm or a spell for modern miseries. The work is infused with paganism, jarring reality told in luscious colours.

Whiten believes that secular society denies us a shared belief in a universal narrative, and many of us miss out on performing rituals that mark our life stages or handling objects that contain power and wisdom. The artist’s work is contemporary, shows extraordinary skill and is fiercely precise. It often explores her fascination with rituals from all cultures, drawing inspiration from elements of anthropology, psychology and humankind.

Whiten’s work deviates and deconstructs ‘social norms’, enabling her characters freedom with sexuality and gender, and often plays with ideals of ‘civilised’ and the innate animal. The work attempts to link us to our ancestors and our global human family, drawing new archetypes from the language of myth and costume.

Kirsty Whiten says “My work attempts to link us to our ancestors and worldwide humans, drawing new archetypes from the language of myth and costume. Sometimes the masked dancers really are animal-headed deities; sometimes a striking ceremonial phallus is just made from a pair of tights and a cardboard tube.”

She continues “I’m striving to make frank images of people, dealing with their own psychology and socially constructed behaviour; making the viewer aware of the sexuality, control and neuroses underneath appearance. I want to make them uncomfortable by presenting a character very directly and intimately.”

Whiten has worked on this selection of works for over two years. The 72 page hard cover art book will be designed by ZAG books, a small graphic design company in Glasgow and printed by Bella Bain.

Whiten graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1999 and spent a year in Paris at La Cite Internationale des Arts. Since then she has exhibited regularly in Edinburgh, Glasgow (Recoat Gallery), London (Stolenspace Gallery) and internationally.

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