Christopher Dear is a bold expressive artist who follows his own rules.  After being asked to leave art school for his lack of conformity Dear  has gone on to forge a successful career doing what he does best – being himself!  Dear began art as a profession in 1995 and is now in his 21st year as an artist and more recently a fashion designer.  Dear has exhibited widely in galleries, music events and public spaces all over the world.

Dear’s style developed from his early career within the music industry.  He produced large-scale artworks for music events and to this day his style works in tandem to music providing a multi level experience for the viewer.  His work is strong in impact with the abstractions full of vibrant colours and often adorned with gold leaf adding to the reflective and illusionistic qualities.

We are delighted to show Dear’s incredible work and are looking forward to his exhibition next month in Shoreditch London.


Self taught or art school?

I am a self-taught artist who began art as a profession in 1995 when I was 19 years old, after being asked to leave Chelsea School of Art where I showed lack of interest in the traditional art teaching methods including life drawing and learning and mimicking other artist’s techniques. I was more interested in expressing my creativity with abstract forms and colours and creating original works rather than learning what others had done before and emulating them. I  am an innovator not a follower. I  became involved with the music industry at this point and produced large-scale artworks for music events which started my journey of art and music being intertwined and working in unison together. My paintings and designs are musically synaesthetic and when exhibited in tandem with professional music, of all varieties, the sounds cascade though the design and resonate in the patterns, enabling the viewer to have a multi-levelled synaesthetic response. Now in my 21st year as an artist I have exhibited in galleries, music events and public spaces across Australia, LA, Miami, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and England.

What work of Art would you like to own and why?

If I could own one piece of art it would be Salvador Dali’s ‘The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory’. I like the melting clock and the geometric shapes moving into the distance. It reminds me of a very psychedelic experience I had when I was 19 and began painting as a profession.

Describe your style

With a Modern futurist style my paintings radiate vibrancy and colour. Creating quadriptych canvases and mixed media works adorned with gold leaf, the canvases have reflective and illusionistic qualities. I like painting at music festivals as I can interact with all the people and meet other amazing artists. I get inspired by the music and always do the very best I can. I analogise that painting live is like cooking. I can’t be bothered to cook something for myself but if I am cooking for other people I will always try to create the most amazing meal.

Where are you Favourite Places to View Art?

I like going to the Royal Academy, The ICA and Tate Modern.

Why are your favourite artists?

My favourite artists are Kandinsky, who also used music in his work and M C Escher whom I revere as a talented and creative genius.

Where is your studio and what is it like?

My studio is in Goose Green, East Dulwich behind a holistic healing centre where I am artist in residence for part of the week while I am working there. It is a converted garage with skylights, perfect for painting and designing and it has a lovely overgrown garden. I am inspired by humanity. I produce work for the community, for everyone to enjoy and I feel that this is my contribution to mankind. A lot of my work is signed ‘Dear’ and includes a heart as love is the centre of the universe.

What are you working on Currently?

My latest exhibition was held at Brick Lane Gallery, London in February 2016 and I simultaneously exhibited at the Envision festival in Costa Rica where he started a live art work. This is oil on canvas with silver leaf and graphic art pens which he will be finishing in time for an exhibition at the Nomadic Community Garden near Brick Lane on 12th June 2016.

I have also recently undertaken two commissions for The Shape Citrine PR, I am currently exhibiting my limited edition giclee prints at The Arterie, 37 North Cross Road, East Dulwich London. My work can also be bought via Saatchi Art and Sedition,  and from

This is an exciting time for me as I have just launched my own website as well as my own clothng label, Christopher Dear, which prints onto organic, recycled, post consumer cotton and polyester unisex t-shirts. These T-shirts are adorned on both sides with limited edition screen prints, derived from his hand painted artworks. They are being sold online via and Over the last two years Christopher I have been collaborating with clothing designer Masato Jones and has released various screen printed clothing designs on his label.

What are your ambitions?

My ambition is to raise money for orphaned and poor children in Peru and improve their quality of life however that can be achieved.

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