Paul Briginshaw – Interview

Paul Briginshaw – Interview

Briginshaw studied Fine Art at Northumbria University in Newcastle, graduating with a 2.1 in 2006.  After leaving university Briginshaw lost interest in creating art for several years but thankfully he eventually found his passion again in his late 20’s.

The influences of styles lay softly underneath Briginshaw’s demonstrations of angular representations; his being much more real than the distorted experimentation of many.  Briginshaw has been able to naturally inhabit a style, quickly and effortlessly with his art shining with bold colour and striking compositions.

Dismembered limbs and body parts are all portrayed with Briginshaw’s surrealist edge in an attempt to question the idea of identity, reality, sexuality and the infinite subconscious.  All of Briginshaw’s work is grown from his own anxieties, built from his unique take on the world.  His art is impactful and playful, expressing the spirit of the characters he portrays.

We were so proud to show a collection of Briginshaw’s work at FLUX Exhibition and would urge you to follow this incredible talent! A talent that will be developed and nurtured with love and passion, with the need to create, with the narratives of life spilling onto canvas and the spectacular work that will materialize for us as viewers to linger upon.