Summer FLUX at The Chelsea College of Art 12th – 16th July

The Cookhouse Gallery, The Triangle Space and Outdoor installation in the Parade Ground (facing Tate Britain)

FLUX Exhibition is a groundbreaking and new kind of art event – a collection of the most dynamic painters, performance artists and musicians, which presents an alternative way to encounter today’s best new art.

FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, unconventional art event. Hosted by the Chelsea College of Art and curated by Lisa Gray founder of FLUX, this fourth much anticipated edition of FLUX brings 70 artists to the fore. Gray will be selecting the very best emerging talent for a five day interactive art event.

Gray says “FLUX is not a fair or a normal exhibition. FLUX is a unique experience for both artists and art lovers. Each artists work is considered so it does not compete with other work but stands alone and shines in its own light. The support we have gathered since the first exhibition has cemented our place in the contemporary art world and allowed us to continue to be creative.”

FLUX comes alive with musical guests and performance art installations, which complement the work and bring a new experimental approach to the exhibition.

The show represents a rare opportunity to gain direct access to a diverse group of gifted artists, on the path to being the big names of tomorrow. Showcasing new talents in a collaborative, curated show, FLUX celebrates dynamic emerging artists on the precipice of wider accolade and fame.

We have been featured in publications such as Time Out, Aesthetica, Fad Magazine, Galleries, Glamour Mag, and many more.

Submissions for FLUX Exhibition

We are accepting submissions for the next exhibition until the 31st of March.

The cost to exhibit is £350 with commission of 25% taken on any sales.  The cost covers:

5 day exhibition at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art.
Feature in a Limited Edition FLUX Magazine.
We use a PR company to generate as much publicity as possible.
Public liability insurance.
Tickets to the private view.
Interview on the Palette Pages Blog
Meet the artist event for Galleries
Profile on the FLUX Exhibition website.
Information handbook and flyers
Bespoke social media headers.
Promotion across our social media platforms.
Security throughout the duration of the exhibition.
Labels for all of your artwork.

To submit please e-mail with an example of artwork and a bio.

The words….

‘Such a shame FLUX is over.  That was an amazing and powerful exhibition and that’s all thanks to London’s Art Queen Lisa Gray thank you so much and can’t wait for the next one!’  Kris Cieslak

‘Great opening night at the FLUX Exhibition last night, tons of fabulous work and great to meet so many lovely people! Well done Lisa Gray for curating and organising such a tremendous show, have not been to opening night like that in a very long time! Bravo!!!’  Mason Storm

‘Who could have though or dreamed or anticipated what has happened.  Out of Lisa’s creative will has come a unique idea.  An eye gazing out to the busy world, calling upon artists both young and not so young, saying “I have an idea, a venue, a home that will embrace bright colour, bright visions, both edgy and serene.  It wont be the first, and in time to come you’ll find more surprises!”  For her ideas are growing in strength it seems.  Prepare?  Indeed, prepare your panels, your canvases, your castings and your artful performances, your glass, your clay and find and even better company grown in vision a few short months away.’ Gordon M Scott

‘Fantastic event.  Fantastic talent.  Fantastic people.  It blew my mind.  This week I’m in withdrawal.  Big thanks.’ Robert Adam

‘What a blast Lisa! Do it again!’ Steve McGuire Stephen

‘Exquisitely curated by her, the exhibition displays the works of over 70 of the hottest artists from around the globe.  The atmosphere was electric and fun, with eccentric live performances in a venue that is airy and unique in character.  The ChromArt team were there in full.  We talked to the artists about their works and had a great time mingling with lots of familiar faces plus other art entrepreneurs like the lovely people of Whitesao.  It felt like a celebration and although the place was bursting to the seams with people, there was space to move around and everyone was having a great time.  The bar never seamed to run out either! Such was the frenzy the ChromArt team didn’t stick together long, just for a quick picture at the beginning of the evening.  This incombustible woman that is Lisa Gray, with her passionate drive and vision, has set the standard for contemporary art scene in London.  She is already preparing forthcoming shows.  We look forward to seeing what wonderful events she has prepared for us.’ ChromArt

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