Flux Exhibition are so excited to welcome back the wonderful Marcus Jake to the next FLUX event at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art London! We adore the dark and stunningly beautiful work Marcus creates!

Marcus will be creating an exciting new body of work for our Summer Exhibition.

Marcus Jake is a UK, Bristol & London-based artist. Working in a mixed medium environment, often using photography as the cohesive element.

His work is a reflection of his life story, trying to capture those significant moments of the parts that make up the human experience. The results are generally emotion drenched pieces of work, touching on sadness and heartbreak but also capturing the beauty that is life. No matter how exposed the original subject matter is, whether it is a narrative about addiction or grief, you will often find a sense of hope, a reflection of what comes out of this place; strength, beauty, connection and courage.

Browsing through his photography work you could mistakenly think that a heavy use of Photoshop has been used. This is not the case, he prefers to create all the effects at the studio stage.

Although an avid analogue film camera user, he believes digital has a perfect place in his work and chooses to use both depending upon the idea or project.

Marcus has a thirst for researching and learning new techniques, especially in the alternative printing arena, often mixing mediums together to create unique pieces of work.

Submissions are still open visit the FLUX website for more info.

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