We are delighted to welcome Amy Carter The Art in Carter to her first #FLUXExhibition Incredible work that we are very excited to be exhibiting. Carter will also be taking part in our
#MiniMasterpieces where she will be selling a smaller work for £300 or less.

As a young child Amy showed exceptional talent in her artistic abilities and she became the youngest person in New Zealand to complete school certificate art at the age of 11. Having completed her art qualifications to the highest school level early, Amy went onto attend Art College and completed an Advanced Diploma in Art & Design with a major in Fine Art.

After completing her studies, Amy moved to London where she worked as a freelance artist for production companies as well as painting for private commissions. She has recently reignited her passion for painting and is currently a full time artist. Her recent body of work includes large oil paintings of flowers and portraits of blue muted faces with bright headdresses. The women in these paintings portray a quiet confidence. Amy uses opposing forces in her work; the work is feminine and delicate yet also bold and confident. Artists who influence her work include Vladimar Tretchikoff, Joseph Henry Lynch and Fredia Carlo.

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