#FLUXExhibition is so happy to announce the superb artist John Hobbs to his 2nd FLUX Exhibition this time at The Chelsea College of Arts. Read more about Hobbs below:

I’m an artist living and working in South London. Largely I paint producing abstract work and portraits. I use oil paints on canvas and also draw and make paintings on paper. In addition I work with wood and have also made tables with a painting as the table top. I sometimes incorporate found objects, both wood and metal. I also source beautiful vintage picture frames which I refurbish and use to frame works on paper.

My teenage years were isolating, growing up in a small Lancashire town where I was outside of that society I became an alone person. I think this drew me to abstraction as it sits outside of convention and is without rules, a world apart rather than a world within. I hope to share and impart feelings in the paint and to illicit an emotional response from the viewer.

I’m continually searching and learning, pushing further with each painting in my desire to produce something extraordinary.

As well as exhibiting my work in galleries and art fairs I also have a very dear and loyal following on social media who enthusiastically support my creative output.

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