#FLUXExhibition is proud to announce Sue Munson as an exhibiting artist. Read more about Sue below:

I am a Mixed Media Artist whose work shows an experimental and emotional response to the environment in which I am living.

During the ’80s I lived in Canada and the United States, and on my return to the UK I studied Textile Art and Design at Guildford College (Danesfield). After graduating, I found working on canvas was far more exciting and spontaneous than creating on fabric.

It was during the early nineties that I started exploring mark making as an art form.

My paintings although conveying simplicity, are built in layers, using acrylics, sprays, pens etc., and making very little use of brushes. Paintings are worked on canvas, archival board or paper.

My latest work pays tribute to Basquiat and other great mark makers, and shows the passion and energy I have for mark making; to say I love what I do is an understatement.

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