I met Pedro as an artist who was selected to exhibit at the first ever #FLUXExhibition. He has since become a great friend and an even more incredible artist. We are delighted to be showing his work again at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art where he has previously studied.

Pedro Sousa Louro has always lived with cubist images. Pedro transfers his soul to canvas. His work is his way of portraying feelings, emotions and perceptions both consciously and unconsciously. For Pedro art is as natural and needed as food or water. Pedro has studied and continues to study art and art techniques, constantly developing his style. His art shows intensity, a passion and a statement that draws you in and captivates you. His new work encompasses expressions that have been broken up and reassembled in an abstract form, with clear chronological elements aiding the story of his work.

Pedro is an artist that is able to experiment with techniques and style without losing his unique stamp. We love his work, work that makes you linger, makes you think, draws you in to the beautiful colours and composition. The golds punctuated by shape , the intriguing narratives and the obvious need to express his whole being through his artwork.

12th – 16th July 2017

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