The Naked Artist (Suzie Pindar) was born in Sheffield in 1978. Pindar attended Chesterfield Art College in 1996-1998 specialising in Fine Art and went on to Study design at Sheffield Hallam University in 2002.

Pindar is a mixed media artist and photographer who has achieved commercial success in both a professional and voluntary capacity. Her unique work has featured in several magazines such as Burning House and The Creative Journal.  Pindar has exhibited widely throughout the UK and has held many solo shows across London.  Pindar has been involved with independent film making enterprises and a variety of photographic projects.

Inspired by life the work Pindar creates is a mix of photography, words and mixed media.  Reflecting her evaluation of the world around her and the wide range emotions that are evoked by everyday life.  Art that does indeed reveal ‘the naked’ truth.  Embracing experiences whether good or bad and documenting them in her bold self expressive way.  This is work that is honest, that is bursting with feelings and memories, making the ordinary interesting.

Self taught or art school?

I did a GNVQ Art and Design course aged 17 for two years, where I explored different mediums of art, from printmaking, surface pattern, fine art, photography, 3D design, ceramics etc, I focused on Fine Art in my second year which gave me the freedom to self express myself and thoughts through art. From there I didn’t do any art for a few years then picked it up in 2005 when I saw an Art Gallery owner who I paid to look at my portfolio for a professional opinion. She told me my artwork was of a  professional standard not an ameteuar and this lead me to be the Artist I am today. Self-explorative through life.

If you could own one piece of art what would it be?

I absolutely love the London Artist Rowan Newton, he has this awesome sexy print called ‘Hindsight’ I fell in love with it a couple of years ago when I saw it.

How would you describe your style?

The changes I intensely feel, see with my eyes, creates mark making ideas, words, scripture upon the pages, combining a personal narrative or typography, photography, and mixed media. Capturing, breathing,experiencing, feeling, remembering, healing, recovering, surviving which comes to surface marking my own signature. My work is self-expression through themes of pain, love, self-identity, loneliness and hope and my place in the world. My work is filled with a strong sense of a personal narrative.

Where are your favourite places to view art?

I love the white cube in Bermondsay, the entire building inspires me, from the large doors walking in and the lights that pave the way to the incredible size work that it shows. But art isn’t just paintings, photography etc for me, art is everything in some way, art is life, nature, buildings, people, it’s a sense of being inspired and being thought provoked that is art for me. I do love the Tate Modern also, but again it’s the building, of inspiration!

Where is your studio and what’s it like?

I would love a studio! However I have produced my artwork from my bedroom, my bed.

Who and what inspires you art?

The friends I follow on instagram inspire me as an Artist, seeing fellow creatives create and carve their journey out instills a sense of belonging in this world as a Artist/photographer.

Do you have any studio rituals?

I cannot work without music!

What are you currently working on?

Multiple art projects for my solo Naked Artist Exhibition this October 12 to 15th 2017, from mixed media photography, an art installation and some other secrets! and of course curating and planning my show from beginning to end. Plus working towards a photography book of my work.

Where can we buy your art?

The Flux exhibition, my solo show, and if you do like anything please just contact me. (I only starting selling a few years ago, as I had too much of an emotional attachment to it) but I am ready now to embrace being an Artist that can sell my unique work.

What are you ambitions?

Having a solo show in New York, and being known as a successful female gay Artist. Also having work accepted in Flux Exhibition is a massive ambition! along with having work published.

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