FLUX Exhibition produces large-scale art events that have generated a huge following. They are now delighted to announce an exciting new venture FLUX PRESENTS which will showcase the work of individual or small groups of artists at interesting locations across the UK.

The first FLUX PRESENTS will showcase the edgy work of Suzie Pindar Aka The Naked Artist at a derelict house in South London.

Pindar is an artist that constantly evaluates the world and the wide range of emotions that are evoked from daily life.  Pindar Feels the need to make sense of everything and capture her observations in a way that she can express and later process.

Pindar works on themes that explore memories and moments, happiness, sadness and self-reflection.   First seizing the time with words so that the immediacy and her feelings are captured. Pindar later creates imagery that perfectly evokes her thoughts surrounding her experience.

Today Pindar’s art is much more explorative in the physical sense, she now uses her body much more to express thoughts rather than just using paper, this combination ensures maximum impact and adds a strength and boldness to her work.

Pindar produces Art that does indeed reveal ‘the naked’ truth.  Embracing experiences whether good or bad and documenting them in her bold self-expressive way.  This is work that is honest, that is bursting with feelings and memories, making the ordinary interesting.


Safehouse 1

139 Copeland Road



SE15 3SN

Public 13th – 14th October 11.00 – 18.00

15th October 11.00 – 15.00


I first met Suzie Pindar back in 2014 when she was exhibiting a few pieces upstairs at Bar Titania on Charing Cross Road. I got to interview this timid, honest and raw artist and immediately saw her talent and was delighted to be able to highlight her work.

It was from this first encounter that I went on to also exhibit her work later that same year at L Fest in 2014 – I was keen to get  her work out to a wider audience, even if she was not confident enough to put her work out there herself.

Suzie talking to guests - shot through the exposed beams from upstairs

It has been some years, I’ve been in touch with Suzie on and off as we’ve both had our own challenges and experiences; I’ve given Suzie wisdom and advice and encouraged her when it was needed, yet it was clear she was not ready to share more of her work with the world.

So I was really excited when Suzie mentioned this exhibition – her first solo exhibition. Yes, really! All this time she has been hiding her work away in her room – even her sister hadn’t seen her work!

So you see why supporting this independent and emerging artist is so important? This is a huge step outside of her comfort zone, but one I will be ensuring she celebrates and is proud of because for her first solo show it is exceptionally placed.

Suzie chose the venue, she was looking for a particular look and feel. The moment I walked in I totally understood why she had chosen it. 139 Copeland Road, Peckham is as exposed as Suzie’s artwork. It is the perfect backdrop to showcase her talent.

A few shots from The Naked Artist solo exhibition 'This is Who I Am'
My favourite is on the left. It is a gorgeous photo which on first glance appears straightforward, but as you gaze at it you see an almost translucent print placed over the top.

I knew Suzie’s style, I have a piece of hers in my dining room which I adore; but I have to say her style and talent has matured to a whole new level. I am so proud of her for putting herself out there – because her work is very intimate and personal.

It is also rather fitting that her first solo show comes hot on the heels of World Mental Health Day and National Coming Out Day – because both of these strands feature heavily within Suzie’s work. Some of her more recent work is less about the body and the mind, and self-image and critique and more around the beauty of the buildings we walk by every day. Featuring parts of BRIGHTON and Soho in London – these pieces show a new direction that is vivid and beautiful.

Form by The Naked Artist

By far, my favourite pieces (in no particular order) are:

  • Space to Breathe
  • Old Window
  • Single Girls Life
  • Form (on the right)
  • Looking In

Artwork is available to purchase, pieces vary between £350 and £500, although I imagine these may increase as Suzie’s art gets more exposure.

Do swing by and support this artist, or at the very least share this article and tag any friends that like art, or who live local to Peckham.

This is Who I Am Flyer

Suzie Pindar, The Naked Artist at her solo exhibition 'This is Who I Am'

About Suzie Pindar AKA The Naked Artist

Suzie Pindar calls herself “the Naked Artist”. Indeed, in her works, she strips herself – or, at least, her soul – bare. Fears, loves, losses, lessons in life – all are represented, or revealed, in her prints, photographs, and mixed media works.

By combining various different materials and media, she reflects the different aspects of herself and her identity. As she writes of “Lust”, it is “an artwork/photograph layered up of feelings”. Through layering she creates a palimpsest, a collection of memories, moments and sentiments, which cannot be erased. “This artwork is a representation of a feeling, a reflection of myself as an Artist.

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