Join me next week in seeing the incredible work of Diogo Duarte.  I am exceptionally privileged to own a piece of his incredible art, which hangs in pride and place within my living room.  Come along I promise you will not be disappointed.

London-based Portuguese photographer Diogo Duarte is reinventing the way portraiture can be built into the very essence of a person’s home by putting client self-discovery at the heart of interior design. By combining uniquely personal stories with his lavish and innovative artistic vision, Diogo creates ‘psychological portraits’ that are one of a kind works of art bringing to life what matters most to his clients.

According to Duarte, “My images are my client’s emotions, hopes and dreams splashed on a wall. They are interventions in living environments that provoke conversations about the personality and life story of the person in the portrait”. Internationally renowned photographer David LaChapelle has called Duarte’s work “vibrant, exciting and emotionally powerful”.

An essential part of the ‘psychological portrait’ process is an open-minded conversation between Duarteand his client, that helps him to get to know their story well enough to transform it into a piece of art that will be cherished forever. Duarte is able to work with clients and interiors professionals to create images that fit into or define living spaces. His clients include city bankers, media professionals and peopleinterested in artisanal, small-scale, artist-led design.

His photographic work is internationally recognised and two of his psychological portraits created for clients, have recently been short-listed for the East West Art Award 2017. Penelope’s ‘The Blue Olive Tree’ and Olivia’s ‘Of her heart’s ocean, sagely dark, that holds my heaven and holds my hell’ (see images below) are both part of Duarte’s ‘PhotoBard®’ collection of psychological portraiture. One of London’s most prestigious contemporary art galleries, La Galleria Pall Mall, will host an exhibition showcasing all of the prize finalists from October 24th-28th.

For Olivia, “I chose to work with Diogo when I purchased a new flat in Lisbon because I loved his wild imagination and because he really listened to me. I have struggled with body image my whole life but this portrait makes me feel beautiful and strong every time I see it. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up to the beautiful light of Lisbon”.

Penelope says her portrait ‘The Blue Olive Tree’ “Makes me feel proud of the woman I am now. I’ve hung it in my sitting room and it has made me feel closer to my friends and family as it seems to make us all want to share our stories with each other”. (Header pic)

To find out more about Diogo Duarte and how he works to personalise living spaces, or to have him createyour own ‘psychological portrait’ contact PhotoBard® at + 44 (0) 7838 535 583 or visit

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