Artrooms Roma 2018 takes place at the iconic Church Palace Hotel, right off Via Aurelia in Rome, Italy, from the 2nd March to the 4th March 2018. Over three days, we will host more than 100 artists from all over the world chosen by a prestigious selection committee.

Before applying, you need to understand which is the right section for you:

Video Art
Sculpture Park (Outdoors)

Exhibition Spaces

18/24 sq mtr hotel rooms. Artists are invited to transform the rooms into studios or create an installation and play with the space to highlight their work. You are allowed to do anything that is legal and non-permanent. There are also other exhibition spaces: public areas within the hotel including the main lobby and the park.

Hangings & Display

Rooms have spaces already prepared for hanging and several desks to display artwork.  The average size for paintings and photography is approx 100 x 150cm. Larger work can be displayed in the room but not hanged on walls. You cannot drill into the units. The Maintenance Team will help during the set up.  You are allowed to use as a display: desks, coffee tables, beds, bedside tables, sofas and all the room furniture. Just please be careful and protect the surfaces. If you need additional displays for sculptures, please consider to bring your own plinths.
Heavy or extra size works need to be approved by the organisers.
Each room has a TV than can be connected to a laptop or USB key.

Video Art

The Video Art section will take place at the Auditorium Cinema Bachelet. Covering an area of 400sqm, the auditorium can seat 550 guests and is equipped with sophisticated audio and visual multimedia services, dedicated wireless internet connections and a Dolby surround system 7.1.

Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park will be a wide outdoors area within the premises of The Church Palace Hotel.


All applications are examined by the Selection Committee which includes top experts in the Arts industry.  The list of successful applicants will be published on our website on the 5th January 2018.  To apply for any of the sections mentioned above, you need to register on this website and pay an application fee of € 20.

For all 3 sections, artists must be free of any exclusive agreement with an Italian gallery.
Only for the Rooms section, artists must attend the fair.
All media and artists from all backgrounds are accepted.
If selected, you will be able to sell your work during the fair. The Artrooms Fair will ask 30% commission on all sales.
All other expenses, such as travels, accommodation (apart from those artists invited to exhibit in the rooms and the ones exhibiting at the sculpture park) and shipment of the works are at the artist’s cost.
Shall you need financial support, please consider a crowdfunding campaign – we will be glad to support you and spread the word among our network.

Rooms – 50 artists will be selected for this section. Each artist will benefit of a free of charge room to turn into an exhibition space. Artists are also allowed to sleep in their “exhibition room” for the whole duration of the fair including the set-up day.
Video Art – 20 artists will be selected for this section. Artists are not required to attend the fair.
Sculpture Park – 10 artists will be selected for this section. Artists are invited to present their works for 3 months at the Church Palace Hotel’s park; either sculptures or installations are accepted. Please note these will be displayed outdoors. Artists will be provided with accommodation during 2 nights for the set-up and 1 night for the take down.

After working hard to build a collection of art, it’s time for you to get noticed. Here’s how ARTROOMS can help…
Build a Following
Your art will be shared multiple times across our social networks giving you the chance to grow your social following.
Entry into the People’s Choice Award
Automatic entry into our People’s Choice Award and visitors can vote on their favourite artist for automatic entry into the show.
Gallery Affiliation Programme
Your work will be shared with major UK and International Galleries through our Gallery Programme.

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