Arrives in time for Diabetes Awareness Month

British contemporary artist, Imbue has unveiled his latest work, a piece entitled Always the Real Thing, inspired by the artist’s own struggle with Type 1 diabetes.

Always the Real Thing explores imagery of the Virgin Mary and global brand Coca Cola, with the idea emerging during a particularly difficult bout of low blood sugar. “I envisioned a coke bottle, floating above me like the Virgin Mary,” says Imbue. “It seemed like a very valuable image to capture through my work.” The artist later sketched the image down, and has since forged this initial kernel of an idea into a striking statue, pressure cast with a tinted cola brown resin.

The artist’s work has previously been featured in blogs, television and major publications including The Independent and Arte TV in France. Imbue has also taken part in collections and exhibitions in cities such as Brighton, Paris and Osaka. He has been creating and selling art for the last ten years, and is delighted to present his latest work to the public.

This stunning new artwork has been released to coincide with November’s Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day, which takes place on 14 November. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition wherein the immune system attacks healthy body tissue.

“I developed the condition when I left college,” says Imbue. “Type 1 diabetics rely on blood sugar testing and multiple daily insulin injections. But it is possible to live a fulfilling life, and share your talents with the world.” Imbue hopes that this artwork will help shine a light on this often unrepresented and misunderstood form of diabetes, and provide inspiration for others with the condition.

Proving immediately popular, the limited-edition release of Always the Real Thing quickly sold out. More work can be viewed via Imbue’s official website at or follow the artist on Instagram at


Imbue is a British contemporary artist with Type 1 diabetes. His latest artwork is entitled Always the Real Thing, inspired by the artists condition. The artwork has been released in time with World Diabetes Day (14th November) and Diabetes Awareness Month (November).


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