One of the greatest pleasures of #FLUXExhibition is having the opportunity to watch incredible artists grow and develop their style. The wonderful artist Kailyn Deyn is showing at Flux for a second time. I’m a proud owner of one of her works and I’m so excited to be showing her new collection at Chelsea.

Read more about Kailyn below:

Kailyn has worked in many mediums from sculpture to performance, ceramics and photography, but now concentrates on painting as a means of expression; using oil paint for its translucency and organic clarity. Kailyn mainly works figuratively and with live models, to tell the story of the little explored recesses of the darker human subconscious.

7 years ago the artist was given 6 months to live. That 6 months expired, but the artistic journey did not. Everything changed to make authenticity and urgency a constant drive. Having spent time with Amazonian shamans, as part of the healing process, it made facing all the realities of death and struggles of human consciousness, a main thematic. With the extremes of an inner world laid bare, her work is not speculative, it is directly experiential.
It is hoped the viewer senses this, and is able to relate, or sample some of this through the work and that the visual challenge in comprehending the image, is a demand and a draw.
11th – 15th April 2018
Chelsea College of Arts
UAL: University of the Arts London

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