Not only am I delighted that Deadmansdust is exhibiting with FLUX but I will also be adding the incredible artwork Isambard to the #FLUXExhibition private collection.

Deadmansdust is a British artist who started his journey as a watercolour artist. Despite exhibiting widely and receiving many accolades such as the Windsor & Newton Young Artist of The Year he craved new challenges. After developing a passion for photography and digital art Deadmansdust’s imagination and talent developed into the unique style we see today.

Influences of classical styles are clear in his portrayals of drama, mystery and fantasy. Darkly beautiful images of strong, intriguing women and fantastical characters. Alongside a steam punk romanticism there’s often a sense of surreal theatrical impact within the work of Deadmansdust. The story, the secrets, the captivating narrative all equate to work that is truly spellbinding.

We were delighted to show Deadmansdust work at FLUX Exhibition. He is without a doubt an incredibly talented artist, an artist that is able to create such powerful atmosphere and stories that you want to step inside his work and explore further. The layering and use of intense colouring add to the strength of his art, the overall sensuality and rugged beauty. This is work you need to see in person to fully appreciate the craftmanship, the resin layers, the frames that are at one with the work. This is work that will make an impact, stop you in your tracks and leave a long-lasting impression. This is art that is changing the way people regard digital artwork! Bold work at its best.
11th – 15th April 2018
UAL: University of the Arts London

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