Alison Jardin

Continental Gin Building, at 3309 Elm St, Dallas

At the edge of representation we find the patterns that comprise the underlying structures, colors, and light available to our biological and intellectual process of vision. My artistic process embraces the experience of nature through its light, forms and color not only as a visual pattern but also as a memory in time. Our memories are stored in our neural networks, altered by the narrative that we construct about our lives, as well as by the tendency of memories to fade; today, our memories and many of our experiences of the world are filtered through the lens of the digital media upon which it is stored.

My oil paintings engage with the negative space of composition as a central motif, whether the inorganic pixel or the organic shape of sunlight on leaves, a counterpart to the colors and and forms of my pattern-based artworks. These “gaps” suggest the data lost through pixelation or compression, or the decline of memory and the loss of their context. My process includes a progression between works in each series that moves an image ever closer to complete entropic decomposition.

sunshinehoneysuckle-alison-jardine-ugallery.jpg 4 years ago
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Dallas, TX, United States 2.11 km
Portrait and fantasy illustrator.
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