Kenn Raaf

Tres Danceurs 36x72 woodblock Print
Tres Danceurs 36x72 woodblock Print
Noble Danceur (linocut on paper)
Deeper (48x48 Mixed on canvas)
Reflections (48x48 Mixed on Canvas)

Self-proclaimed disruptor – Artist, Sculptor, Visual-spatial manipulator – abstracting the extraordinary from life experiences. I am an experimental visual artist working through multiple mediums focused on pushing and expanding beyond the edges of common perception to capture the essence, passion, and movement of my subjects.

Since 2000, I have been studying painting, design and sculpture and have been creating visual work on canvas, paper and panel using mixed media, acrylic, oil, encaustic, glass, metal, and found objects. I work heavily in a constructive / desconstructive manner to build up multiple layers, then tear them down to reveal unique imagery throughout each piece. I also work in sculpture and focus on medium scale abstract works utilizing composite, metal, glass, recycled materials, bronze, metal, and paint. Since 2011 – I have focused heavily on expanding my work to include printmaking and metal casting.

Reflections (48x48 Mixed on Canvas) 4 years ago
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Deeper (48x48 Mixed on canvas) 4 years ago
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Noble Danceur (linocut on paper) 4 years ago
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Tres Danceurs 36x72 woodblock Print 4 years ago
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