John Clare

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Growing up in a working class south london family,what he saw in and around had a profound effect on the life and work of multi media artist, John Clare. Drawing on his own personal experience to attack the human emotions-death, depression, murder, addiction, love, immigration and youth – he brings our attention to many topics.

“Life isn’t perfect, neither am I” states Clare. Not interested in painting the perfect picture, you have to view his work not as a window but as a door, daring us to walk through and face his and perhaps our own demons. His work makes us confront and question everything about life – something he believes that great art should do beyond something pretty to look at. the work has a way of making the viewer feel a little uncomfortable. This deliberate gesture with his exciting energetic, somewhat violent brush marks and the use of taboo and ugly objects, forces us to deal with his and our own well being. He is drawn to all the imperfections and idiosyncrasies that make us human and confronts us directly about the paths he chose and at some point we all take.

broken britian 003.JPG 4 years ago
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