Susan Outlaw


Susan Outlaw was born in Mainz, Germany, 1973. She immigrated to Canada with her family in 1975 and settled in a small, rural community in Southern Ontario. Weekend hikes with her family influenced an early love for the natural world. A vast geographic landscape was available to observe and as a young child Outlaw began her independent studies as an artist.

Susan began to paint as a response to believing she was given a gift which appealed to be cultivated. In the process of discovery, Susan began her pursuit in fine arts. Her education at Sheridan College in Commercial Arts aided as a tool for understanding the basic principals of drawing, colour theory and composition. Her tenor in Advertising taught her to push the boundaries and think critically.

Susan’s paintings are a response to a scene which has moved her in an emotional or spiritual way, she endures to capture that emotion in paint. She sees beauty in her surroundings and in the every day objects. Light playfully weaves throughout Susan’s work allowing the viewer to respond to form, colour and overall composition.

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