Sally Trueman – Interview

Sally Trueman is a contemporary English painter of international renown. Her work is featured in numerous collections throughout the world. Her paintings are extracted from elements found in her sketch books along with ideas from drawings produced on site. When you look at her paintings closely, you will see layer upon layer of paint. At first glance, the marks on the canvas seem to be spontaneous, expressive and impulsive. In actual fact, the building up and stripping back of these layers of paint have taken extraordinary lengths of time and great perseverance. This results in the canvas taking on a sculptured look which gives the onlooker the impression of a fleeting, transitory moment captured from the artist’s vision and laid effortlessly on canvas.

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Laura Elliott – Artist Interview

We are delighted to introduce the artwork of Laura Elliott.  We were first introduced to Laura’s work online and quickly became a follower of her unique style.  When Laura applied to exhibit her work at FLUX Exhibition we were instantly taken with her art and were eager to show her distinctive creations.  Laura is an artist that works with both paint and metal clay.  It was her metal clay work that really grabbed our attention.   Laura is an artist who has harvested her creativity from a very young age.  After studying and finding her form Laura now works with metal clay and precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Her work is intricate and beautiful displaying rawness and luxury, a combination that adds to the beauty of her work.   

Laura has gallery representation and takes part in numerous exhibitions within the UK and internationally.  One thing we are sure of is the journey Laura is taking is an exciting one, she is an artist with passion and drive, she is an artist that is not afraid to take on new challenges. 

Laura we love your work, we love the concept that we could wear a unique, stunning and impactful piece as jewellery – it’s as personal as it can get with contemporary art. Just marvelous – thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us.  

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Performing for the Camera

Performing for the Camera examines the relationship between photography and performance, from the invention of photography in the 19th century to the selfie culture of today. Bringing together over 500 images spanning 150 years, the exhibition engages with the serious business of art and performance, as well as the humour and improvisation of posing for the camera.

The exhibition begins by considering the documentation of important performance works such as Yves Klein’s Anthropometrie de l’epoque blue 1960, a live painting event using the bodies of naked women, as well as key 60s performances by Yayoi Kusama, Marta Minujín and Niki de Saint Phalle. Drawing on an extensive collection of images by Harry Shunk and János Kender, two of the most important photographers to have worked with performance, the exhibition features iconic images and many rarely seen studies, including those revealing how the photomontage of Yves Klein’s famous Leap into the Void 1960 was made.

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Meme Mary- Interview

Meme Mary is an incredible artist, an artist who has taken her experience as a student at the RCA and pushed the boundaries to produce artwork that is pulsating with power.  We were honoured to show her work at FLUX.  Work that is impactful and evocative.  Meme’s art is often created on a large-scale with strong lines, with the figure being treated in an expressive manner.  Her smoothness of technique is combined with a boldness of form.  This method creates an emotional realism bursting from figurative abstraction.  The impact of Meme’s work is powerful, art that ensures you stop and linger on all the possibilities, art that makes you gaze upon the beauty of both the rugged and the raw, art that captivates the movement, the solitude, the sensuality of humanity.  Meme we are proud to support you and are excited to follow your artistic journey, you are without doubt a brilliant artist.  Thank you for sharing your art with us!

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Artrooms Melia White House

ARTROOMS 2016, the largest fair in the UK featuring over 80 independent artists from 33 Countries

During the last few months the organisers of ARTROOMS have issued a casting call to a diverse selection of artists from across the globe. The outcome has enabled the arrangement of a resolutely unique event that features the largest collection of independent, artistic talents in one centralised location.

ARTROOMS enables emerging artists to exhibit within a grand space and thus provides an irreplaceable platform of visibility in central London. 70 rooms at Meliá White House, a top four-star deluxe hotel next to Regent’s Park, will be transformed into innovative show spaces throughout a four-day period of London Arts Fair.

The team behind ARTROOMS incorporates established experts and recognised sponsors including Contini Art UK, Art Finder, Le Dame Art Gallery, Konnii, Brownhill Insurance, Celeste Prize, Useum and Belluzzo and Partners, among others. We also benefit from the involvement of various charities including the celebrated Well Child organisation. The extensive variety of skillsets and expertise behind the project are united in their passion to provide support for the next generation of international artists. read more…

Jones Keyworth – Interview

Jones Keyworth was born in London in 1980, but spent her childhood in the Sussex countryside. She completed her degrees in English Literature with Art, and English with Creative Writing at Chichester University before going on to study Art History at Cambridge. Established as a freelance artist, writer and theatre designer she moved back to London in 2004, collaborating with galleries as well as theatres such as The Old Vic and National Theatre.

Often painted on panels of mahogany cut from old doors, the works are small and heavy pieces, painted with luminous jewel like tones. For many years Jones Keyworth concentrated on landscapes including the series Albert which portrayed views sketched from the very top of the Albert Hall’s famous domed roof. The haze of heaped houses, glass office blocks, towers and cranes just about visible in the smoky ‘London particular’. Reminiscent of icons or illuminated manuscripts, the oils evoke strange and dark fables, exploring themes of memory and perception. Beautiful yet claustrophobic, the landscapes create a sense of unease with patterns of people and trees. read more…

Stasha Lewis – Interview

We are delighted to introduce artist Stasha Lewis to both The Palette Pages and soon FLUX Exhibition at The Royal College of Art.   Stasha creates art that is bold and energetic, art that is vibrant and full of passion.  Stasha has recently experimented with brushes but for most of her artistic career her tools have been natural and powerful as she uses her body and emotions to transport paint to canvas.  Stasha has exhibited her work at places such as Intimate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and Cork Street in London and is certainly making her mark in the art world.    Stasha is an artist who is not afraid to develop her style.  Wherever her creativity leads her, there is always a strength of character and an undenying ability to depict her needs, her loves, her losses in a mass of paint on canvas.   Stasha could have easily followed a different world and indulged in a career of retail and fashion, but her heart and soul has always been connected to art.

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Matthew David Smith-Interview

Matthew David Smith’s work focuses on the city and the man made, encompassing areas from design and architecture to the Internet. He’s interested in how the visual stimuli of these subjects can collide to create new simple form. feeling an affinity with the colour field painters of the 50s he has twisted it to hold the essence of our visual urban world.

Along with ideas of popular culture Matthew is also interested in how the mass-produced can be transformed into a unique object. These often computer generated forms insist on the removal of the gesture. By animating them into formal painting introduces expression. In addition to this, by recreating mass-produced repetition by hand he is technically destined to fail. The handmade removes perfection.

There is the element of time in Matthew’s work through the process of adding and removing. This element in his paintings also reflects the constantly juxtaposition of the city, rising and then crashing back down again, the new and the old. Thank you Matthew for sharing your bold, impactful art with us.  read more…

Romero Britto – Interview

I was delighted to be invited to the private view of the incredible artist Romero Britto at Castle Fine Art, South Molton Street.  A colourful and inspirational exhibition that was fun and impactful.  Britto is an artist that draws a smile and generates happiness, he is an incredible artist and a larger than life personality.  Read his interview below which is a pleasure to publish.

Internationally renowned pop artist Romero Britto uses vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual language of hope and happiness, reflecting his optimistic faith in the world around him. Born in Recife, Brazil in 1963, Britto lived an extremely modest lifestyle while growing up amongst eight brothers and sisters. However, his innate creativity allowed Britto to fill his life with images of a bigger and more beautiful world beyond his own. Self-taught at an early age, he painted what he saw and what he imagined on surfaces such as newspapers, cardboard or any scraps that he could find.  With an inordinate passion to excel, he prospered academically. Still, Britto’s artistic nature eventually led him to seek experiences outside the classroom. In 1983, Britto traveled to Paris where he was introduced to the works of Matisse and Picasso. After exhibiting in a few galleries and private shows, Britto was encouraged to travel to the United States where Pop Art was flourishing. Britto moved to Miami and set up a studio open to the public. With an unshakable resolve and belief in his art, Britto spent the next few years exhibiting and attracting the attention of many. read more…

Daniel Acosta was born on November 17, 1969 in Tucumán, Argentina. He was educated at the National University of Fine Arts Tucuman, Argentina where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993. He has a varied work experience which includes teaching drawing, painting and art history, illustration and being a professional artist.  He has exhibited his works in several salons and National Competitions. Daniel has works in private collections in several countries, including; Uruguay, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France and Italy.

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Qing Qi – Interview

Artist Qing Qi -one of the British-China’s best up and coming artist (London Evening Standard), her work explores the complex relationship between culturally specific issues and larger developments of a modern/post modern age. Within this context, she tries to appropriate and transform both conventional Chinese aesthetic idioms and contemporary vocabularies to negotiate the cultural differences between past and present, self and other. Qing a  London Metropolitan University MA Graduate in Art, Design and Visual Culture, Qi Qing won the Excellent Designer of Fashion Awards in 1999, China, The Copper Award of Industry and Design in 2000, and obtained a distinction for her degree in 2002, and Masters Degree in London in 2006. Qing is exhibiting widely across the UK.  Thank you for sharing your art with The Palette Pages.

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Tribe 15

Our friends at Chrom-Art are putting on an alternative festival of art which promises to be a very exciting event.  Save the date and get down to this fabulous venue for a weekend of arty fun!

An Alternative Art Festival involving art sale, live street-art, immersive theatre, video, music and dance

Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, a nation or a sports team…humans have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves. This implies a relationship that is greater than simple acquaintance or familiarity. The need to belong is the need to give and receive affection from others. This desire is so universal that the need to belong is found across all cultures and different types of people. According to Maslow theories, belonging comes third after physiological and safety needs of the human being.

For the new generations, material possessions are loosing relevance and the virtual presence becomes the centre of their social identity/ies. Geographical proximity and social background is less important that the new affiliations to the global tribes. Music, arts, sports; experiences shape our increasingly customisable world. We can now like, friend/ unfriend, chat, and block people. Decide what and when to pay attention to. This also comes at a price, such as isolation or lack focus and real human interaction.

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Nara Walker – Interview

Nara Walker is an Australian artist who is now based in the UK.  We  are delighted to feature her impactful work and interview with you.  Below you can read about what influences Nara’s work and the questions she kindly answered for The Palette Pages.  Nara has built up an incredible CV.  This year alone she has exhibited worldwide at 19 exhibitions, she has been nominated for numerous awards including BLOOOM Award Cologne, Connect to Colour, Summer Art Award, Lacey Contemporary, London UK and the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize, Piano Nobile Kings Place, London.  Nara is also a performance artist with appearances including  Hair Pull Live Venice where she paints with her hair and I Draw which focuses on the female body within art. More specifically Nara’s body as the artist and medium.  Nara is prolific in creating, an exceptionally talented artist and an artistic force to follow. Thank you Nara for sharing your work with us.

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Cecilie Manz Reinvents The Minibar

With Rud Rasmussen

For Wallpaper Handmade

A smart, eclectic design offers a beautifully crafted sensory experience Cecilie Manz and Rud. Rasmussen’s minibar concept for Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 transforms a well-known object into a complete experience. The latest issue of the internationally acclaimed magazine Wallpaper shows how the Danish designer Cecilie Manz and Danish furniture manufacturer Rud. Rasmussen have come together to reimagine the hotel minibar for Wallpaper* Handmade 2015. The annual Handmade show presents “one-off wonders” crafted by today’s best designers, artists and manufacturers. Cecilie Manz’s fresh, unexpected take on a classic object exemplifies her trademark modern, detail-oriented approach and Rud. Rasmussen’s classic craftsmanship. read more…

Dan Lane – Interview

Dan Lane aka. Mechanica creates fascinating work that is a result of months of searching for parts that make his beautifully dark pieces. Lane is a bio mechanical sculptor, transforming everyday objects and mechanical bits into intricately detailed modern and contemporary freestanding sculptures, assemblies and wall art.  An engineer by trade Lane took his craft in a more creative direction and for the past three years has been making his wonderfully impactful art.  Using gears, cogs, pipes, wires, bracketry, and other mechanical elements it allows the sculptures to take on a new form as though coming to life and with the added bust or ornament found at junk sales the result is truly spectacular.  We love the work of Mechanica and are very excited to be going to see his solo show at Castle Gallery in Mayfair tomorrow evening.  We urge you to visit the exhibition of this exciting artist who is quickly making a name for himself within the art world.  He is without doubt a talent to watch.

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Rick Young – Interview

Rick Young was born in 1963 and is a figurative artist.  Young has worked with many different mediums but is most known for his realistic but stylized charcoal and hot-wax works. He has worked professionally as an artist for years and teaches others in the areas of drawing and encaustic paints.

Encaustic is an ancient technique where the artist heats beeswax to the liquid stage, then mixes in pigmentation. The resulting medium is applied to a surface (typically wood). After the artist has everything “just so”, heat is applied to the whole business, which results in a fusion of colored wax and wood. Before the wax cools, an artist can do all sorts of things to his or her encaustic piece. Metal tools or special brushes can shape and/or texture the substance (layers of which can be anywhere from thin to relief-map thick). Artists can even affix objects (such as coat hangers, or light bulbs) into the wax, as Jasper Johns is known for doing.  Additionally, an encaustic can be polished to a final sheen, or reworked (through use of heat, again) as much as necessary until the artist is satisfied.

While his diverse influences include Rembrandt, Odilon, Redon, and Picasso, the majority of Young’s works are precise and realistic in their presentation.  Young’s art is beautiful with a soft ethereal quality that is truly breathtaking.   The eyes of the people within his work draw you in and make you wonder about their story, their secrets and history.  His work is powerful and dreamlike and we are honoured to feature his work on The Palette Pages.  Young exhibits and sells his work worldwide.

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Parade Presents: Art Prize

Parade is a pop-up exhibitions programme set up by Benjamin Lebus and Milo Astaire in 2013, which provides a platform for talented young British artists. Since its inception, Parade has staged two highly successful exhibitions, showcasing work from some of the country’s most cutting-edge young artists. Expanding their repertoire even
further, Parade’s third project is an art prize. Open to anyone under the age of 25, the Parade Presents: Art Prize received an overwhelming 450 applications. The applicants were judged by a panel of distinguished leading art world figures, including fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, art curator and Founder of Paddle 8, Hikari Yokoyama, Head of Contemporary Art Day Sale at Philips, Henry Highley and Founder of Narcissus Arts, Nick Campbell, who identified 23 artists as exciting, original and relevant. read more…

Alison Johnson – Interview

Alison Johnson is an artist that lives in Warwickshire and works from her Studio based at Fargo Coventry.  Her work caught our attention whilst curating for the next FLUX exhibition and it immediately made an impact.  Alison’s art is driven by the need to show the passion and emotion of a place and she certainly succeeds in doing this. Creating  art that is breathtakingly beautiful and like one of her favourite artists Turner, she is able to capture the magical effects of light, emphasised by movement and colour.   Changing landscapes and relationships between people have been a constant source of inspiration and Alison combines her interests to produce paintings that are strong, captivating and make a lasting impression.

Since studying art Alison has exhibited across the UK including Brighton, London, Chester, Wales, Yorkshire, and various Galleries in the Midlands. Her work has also reached international scale with work hanging in Italy, America, France, and the Middle East.  She has completed various commissions with clients such as the Prince of Saudi Arabia and The Waldorf Hotel London.

We are totally enthralled by her compositions and are very excited that Alison will be showing work at the next FLUX exhibition at The Royal College of Art in Kensington.  Thank you Alison for sharing your art.    read more…

Gary Connolly – Interview

Gary Connolly is a self-taught photographer from Ireland. From a young age Connolly was involved in the creative industries working as a musician and later in graphics designing record sleeves combining his love of music and art. Over the years his passion for photography overtook all other creative urges and he now works solely in this medium. Connolly draws influence from his life and uses photography as a form of expressing thoughts and memories.  His love of art history is evident in work that celebrates the style of both classical artists and his contemporaries. His exhibition Garden of Delight was a homage to the classic painters, writers and musicians that influenced him as a teenager.  One particular piece ‘Ophelia’ started as a tribute to his art teacher who showed him the work of Millais.  The idea formulated then it took three years to find the right location and further years to produce the image.  The process brought to the surface some repressed memories of the tragedy and pathos of Connolly’s beautiful next door neighbor Angela who, at the age of 21, took her own life over a lost love.  The overall impression combines beauty with deep sadness.  read more…

Kate Moss For A Limited Time

Exclusively at 5 Pieces Gallery

One of Kate Moss earliest photoshoots also happened to be her most controversial. At the age of 16, Kate Moss posed for famous fashion photographer Kate Garner in nothing more than her underwear, a pair of ill-fitting high heels and a teddy bear.

Now 25 years later famous fashion photographer Kate Garner is offering her favorite photograph from this iconic shooting with Kate Moss for the first and the last time in a smaller size exclusively at 5 Pieces Gallery! We are offering this unique limited edition for you at an escalating scale starting at an incredible low price at $280, and increasing the price $10 with each print sold. The prints will be up for sale for a limited time from June 1 at 6 p.m. Central European Time (UTC+1) until June 3. The final edition size will be determined by amount sold within this time period with a maximum of 50 prints per edition. Limited one per household. read more…

Jaya Suberg – Interview

In her interview the incredible artist Jaya Suberg talks about her need to feel art, to get goosebumps from the impact and that is exactly what I feel when I view her hauntingly beautiful and emotive work.   Suberg was born in 1956 and has been living in Berlin since 1980.  Her passion began after starting a journal, not satisfied with holding memories by writing she began to use her photos, newspaper clippings and paintings.  In this way her love of collage emerged.  Later Suberg gained knowledge of digital manipulation, this united with her prolific photography (Suberg always carries a camera) was where she found her powerful signature style.  She now mixes photography, drawing, paint and digital to produce complex, surreal aesthetic imagery.

With pure emotion Suberg creates work inspired by the melancholy and the transience of life,  the spontanious expression of youth and the journey of life with all its mystery.  This is work that is powerful, full of atmosphere with an instant, strong impact that draws you in and ensures you linger on the narrative.   Dreams and reality are blended into one, dark themes and soft tones work in harmony.  read more…

Xue Wang Heebie Jeebies

Xue Wang is widely revered as a rising star of the contemporary art world, Wang’s new exhibition, entitled ‘Heebie Jeebies’, will be on display at South Molton Street’s Castle Fine Art gallery from Thursday 7th May until Sunday 24th May.

Combining old-school glamour with the fun and risqué attitude for which Wang is renowned, this new body of work explores her fascination with the supernatural and her uniquely light-hearted take on ghosts, sparked from other-worldly encounters she experienced during her childhood.

The collection continues to take inspiration from Wang’s reoccurring themes of Hollywood iconography, childhood paraphernalia and vintage memorabilia, but in these new works her distinctively elegant ladies are combined with ghostly companions.

Originally coined in Los Angeles, California, ‘lowbrow’ art describes an underground visual art movement, which has cultural roots in comics and street culture, and often portrays a sense of sarcasm, and sometimes mischievous humour. read more…

Antonio Pozo Interview

From the very beginning, his interest in art was evident. Any piece of paper that ended up in his hands was transformed into a colourful, expressive drawing.  As a schoolboy he put all his emotions into his paintings and quickly exceeded expectations in art classes.

At seven years old, his family relocated to a village on the east coast of Malaga, and when he was ten his parents enrolled him in a private art school in Malaga where he studied until the age of twenty one.  These eleven years of professional training developed his skills and prepared him for a future artistic career. During this period he regularly had commissions, painting landscapes, marine, nature, and still lifes – all with passion and great success.

During this period he studied and developed his own personal artistic style, characterised by a concise, colourful and positively expressed figurative art. At around the same time, positivity started to become the focal point of his work. read more…

Filthy Lucre – Darren Waterson

Artist Darren Waterston Recreates Iconic Peacock Room as a Magnificent Ruin at Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery.  Contemporary Alter Ego Reveals Dramatic History of Whistler’s Famous Masterpiece May 16

“Filthy Lucre,” an immersive interior by painter Darren Waterston, reimagines James McNeill Whistler’s famed Peacock Room, a sumptuous 19th-century dining room and icon of American art, as a magnificent ruin, literally overburdened with its own materials, creativity and tortured history. Opening May 16, 2015, at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the room is the centerpiece of “Peacock Room REMIX,” an exhibition that probes the dramatic and occasionally unresolved tensions between art and money, ego and patronage, and the Peacock Room’s own exquisite beauty and contentious past. read more…

Peter Kennard: Unofficial War Artist

14 May 2015 – 30 May 2016

Peter Kennard: Unofficial War Artist examines the art and practice of Britain’s most important political artist. Kennard’s images have become synonymous with political activism in recent times and inspired many of today’s politically-aware artists from Mark Wallinger to Banksy. This free exhibition at IWM London will be the first major retrospective of his work charting a 50 year career featuring over 200 artworks and related items, including a new art installation ‘Boardroom’ created especially for the exhibition.

During the late 1960s Kennard abandoned painting and sought new forms of expression to bring art and politics together for a wider audience. This desire to make art that spoke to all led him to the medium of photomontage for its ability to show the “unrevealed truth” behind the image. In doing so, he restored the medium’s associations with radical politics, in particular the anti-fascist work of John Heartfield in the 1930s and the Dadaists of the 1920s. read more…

Gareth Jones – Interview

Gareth Jones had a uncoventional journey into art.  After a stay in a psychiatric unit and receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder a psychiatrist suggested  trying a ‘creative outlet’; Gareth spent several days in a studio and has not looked back since.  Working at speed Gareth has both developed his style and immersed himself in art history whilst easing his bipolar.   Inspired by Neo-expressionism and Abstract Expressionism Gareth has an obvious love for artists such as Basquiat.   Working predominantly with paint on canvas Gareth creates art that is a visual cacophony of colour.  He depicts primitive images with a leaning towards graffiti and urban art that portray his experiences with the tribes people of Sierra Leone, his own challenges with mental health and the brutality of society.

We love Gareth’s work, art that is impactful, art that represents the chaotic and often troublesome truths of reality.   There is a fierceness and passionate urgency within his marking that adds to the intensity of his art.  Confronting controversy and addressing issues often overlooked Gareth is an artist who puts his whole being, his thoughts and questions on canvas.  We are proud to be working with Gareth a very talented artist that is certainly one to watch and we are very excited to see his work develop in other mediums such as sculpture and performance art.  You will be able to view Gareth’s work and talk to him about his art at the next FLUX exhibition in London later this year. read more…

Exhibition Chrom Art -ID

The Palette Pages are very proud to introduce the new exhibition by our friends at Chrom Art.  ID will take place later this month and we cannot wait to to go and view the spectacular art they are showing.

Chrom-Art Presents ‘ID’ A fictional journey into the psyche

By Javier Melian ( co-founder)

We thought  that Id had to be the concept of our debut show. Latin for “it”, is Freud’s way to describe the unorganized part of the personality that contains basic instincts and drives. It is the only component of the personality that is present from birth and is the source of our bodily needs, wants, desires and impulses. Id can be described only as a contrast to the ego. The Id knows no judgements of value: no good and evil, no morality. ‘Memento Mori’, ‘Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas’, are recurrent ideas in our show without the usual pessimistic connotations but as a reflection that we are all the same, we are transient and face the same fate. read more…

Trinity Paintbox

We are Phoebe and Emily, daughters of artist Bob Booth, we created Trinity Paintbox in March 2014.The idea of Trinity Paintbox came after an excited discussion about the prospect of putting our dad’s skills and knowledge online. We ourselves enjoyed (and still do) listening to his animated and passionate speeches on what new aspect he had discovered through his painting.

Bob has more than 40 years’ experience teaching art and is a successful artist himself having had exhibitions worldwide. For the last 5 years or so he has been developing a new and exciting way to paint. He’s learnt to paint in a way that unleashes his creativity that does away with contrived, flat images. This process allows paint to lead the way where the artist follows. read more…

Arturo Garcia – Interview

Arturo Garcia de las Heras interview (by Javier Melian, co-founder)

I met Arturo a few months back when we both volunteered helping kids from a Hackney school practicing their Spanish GCSE oral exams. The way it works it that we go to the school and sit on a row of desks and the students come for one-2-ones, ten minutes each, to rehearse their prepared written questions. When I am with the kids I am normally ‘in the zone’, but this time I noticed this guy who was really connecting with otherwise usually shy and nervous students. There was such a lively interaction and enthusiasm on both sides, like a certain kind of magic going on that, being honest, made me feel a healthy jealousy.  When the session ended, and after receiving a collective “gracias!” from the pupils, we made our way back the office together, as we work for the same City firm. It was a nice twenty minutes’ walk on a sunny afternoon so we had the chance to make our introductions and talk about what ticked us outside the corporate world. Arturo told me he was an artist, and I just had witnessed he was a natural mentor too! So when I told him about Chrom-Art, a new social enterprise I was starting with a few friends to connect emerging artists with art lovers, I just couldn’t ask him soon enough to join us too. He said yes happily and the rest is recent history. read more…

Pedro Sousa Louro Interview

I was first introduced to Pedro’s work when he got in touch regarding the FLUX exhibition.  I remember the day well.  On my daily commute to the office I was pondering the selection of work and reading an article about a cubist exhibition.  I had nothing of this style within FLUX and really wanted an artist that produced, colourful, bold, abstract work in a cubist style.  As soon as I got to my office as if he had read my mind there was an E-mail from Pedro with examples of his work.  It was an instant yes for FLUX and the start of a great friendship.

Pedro Sousa Louro has had numerous careers including presenting and modelling but has always lived with cubist images.  Now a full-time artist Pedro transfers his soul to canvas.  His work is his way of portraying feelings, emotions and perceptions both consciously and unconsciously.  For Pedro art is as natural and needed as food or water.  Pedro has studied and continues to study art and art techniques, constantly developing his style.  His art shows such intensity, a passion and a statement that draws you in and captivates you.  Expressions that have been broken up and reassembled in an abstract form.  read more…


Interview by Javier Melian, co-founder

Diego, aka SR.X has a background in illustration and graphic design that he studied in Spain. He is from Galicia, where there is really not that much street art, only graffiti. He started to paint only by chance. He was in a house party where there was acetate paper lying around and a can of paint, so he traced the profile of a model in a magazine cover to cut his first stencil. He liked it so much he repeated it in different walls. Then he developed the idea further using his computer, with no particular aim but having fun. He found it an incredible way to express what he carried within, it was liberating and he was having a great time. He gradually improved his technique and then continued with canvas and gallery work.  read more…

Trish Wylie Interview

Trish Wylie interview by Javier Melian, co-founder

Her iconic paintings decorate many boardrooms and are sought after pieces by important collectors. Her eclectic base of loyal followers has turned her work into a cult. She has Sir Christopher Frayling championing her work. She really has earned her golden star, and her coming solo show at the Belgravia Gallery in London is already generating a lot of excitement.

Daughter of a saddle maker, Trish Wylie grew up in London in a family of ten children, her father was a craftsman a vital man, inspiring but oppressive at the same time. When she was about three, she would draw in the margins of Encyclopedia Britannica, later moved on to bedroom walls with lipstick. She always loved making images and using many materials. read more…

Marc Craig Interview

Marc Craig Interview by Javier Melian, co-founder

Marc Craig’s career seems to be skyrocketing at the moment. Super popular in social media with his large scale intricate pieces, any vehicle would be suitable to carry Marc’s creative style. Literally from cars, to walls to 5 meter long paper rolls… as long as is solid, Marc can paint it. Marc’s personal journey will inspire you. Outside his creative work he has helped clients with autism, aspergers, mental health issues, young offenders, and people who suffer from addictions through working extensively in the care industry and he is also a qualified hypnotherapist. He will be painting live at FLUX Art Exhibition, London on the 21st of Feb. Come to meet him and see him in action; you will be amazed! read more…

Harriet Hoult Interview

We are very happy to introduce the work of Harriet Hoult who will be joining us at the FLUX exhibition in London next month.  Harriet creates abstract work that concentrates on colour and form capturing a feeling with both movement and atmosphere.  Painting in acrylic Harriet builds layers, combining shapes and marks  to create work that is bold and bursting with an intensity of colour.  Instinctive in her method Harriet is continually developing her process and takes inspiration from the simple but beautiful aspects of life such as the way light falls and the sound of a song.  We love Harriet’s work and her ability to evoke a sense of passion.  She explores light and colour in a way that is unique in appearing both delicate and stong.  Thank you Harriet for sharing your wonderful art with us.  read more…

Bogdan Mihai Radu Interview


Bogdan Mihai Radu interview by Javier Melian ( co-founder)

Born in Sibiu, Romania, Bogdan Mihai Radu spent his childhood in Tălmaciu, a picturesque little town in rural Transylvania. He was only seven when he watched a movie that would change his destiny. In it, the main character stealed famous paintings in museums and private collections that he skillfully copied and replaced with reproductions. Fascinated by the film, little Bogdan ‘borrowed’ paintings from relatives to reproduce and then return as copies without anyone suspecting the trick for over two years!. It was the first success of the future painter who would, before long, became one of the most prominent young artists in Eastern Europe, despite the prejudices of his parents who opposed his desire to become one.
read more…

FLUX Exhibition

Gray’s Art Gallery Presents FLUX At The Rag Factory

16-18 Heneage Street
London E1 5LJ
18th -22nd Feb 2015

PV 18th Feb RSVP

Mark your calendar as Gray’s Art Gallery announces the first FLUX Exhibition at The Rag Factory, just off Brick Lane, London, February 2015

Gray’s Art Gallery is an exciting new venture aiming to bridge the gap between artists and buyers, bringing contemporary art to a wider audience and actively seeking collaborations, commissions, and fantastic venues for exhibitions.  The first event ‘FLUX’ will be held in February 2015 and will showcase a group of 70 exceptionally talented contemporary artists.  FLUX will be a visual feast of art, sculpture, live graffiti and performance.  read more…

Marcela Montemayor Interview

Marcela Montemayor was born in 1990, in Monterrey Mexico.  She is an artist that is inspired by hyperrealism, music and her need to awaken the senses, especially taste.  The work that Marcela creates spreads a basic joy with a vibrancy of colour and a pop art impact. Her work hits your senses and takes you back to the joy you felt as a child when given your first Ice Cream Sundae! The colour, the delight of a treat and the overwhelming need to taste the sweetness.

Working from her home in Mexico Marcela has found her style and a way to communicate through her art. Her message is to depict the ‘feeling of desire by sight, although the taste is not activated, the viewing pleasure you can endure the feeling of desire through images of food that are visually very attractive.’   Marcela exhibits throughout Mexico and is looking to exhibit internationally.  We are sure Marcela will reach her ambitions and look forward to her bringing her work to London.  Thank you for talking to The Palette Pages. read more…

Stuart McAlpine Miller Interview

McAlpine Miller is an incredible artist with a unique style, layering upon the media misconceptions of celebrity and modern culture he creates bold work that mixes brilliant fine art techniques with pop art illustration.  His work is a combination of styles mixing realism and surrealism to great effect.  Utilizing comic imagery to depict ‘fading memories and future hopes’ he uses imagination and skill to produce work that is exceptionally compelling whilst tackling the issues of culture and society.  Influenced by  Renaissance art he adds a surrealist and contemporary edge to work that uncovers issues and highlights the obsession with skin deep beauty so prevalent in popular culture.  McAlpine Miller is certainly making his mark and has achieved an impressive CV which includes being The Savoy Hotel’s artist in residence.  He has exhibited widely worldwide since 1991 including many solo shows and has been featured on the BBC and publications such as Vogue and Fine Art Collector.  His latest exhibition Mirror Mirror at Castle Galleries layers images of celebrities and supermodel-esque women over kitsch cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, Dandy and Captain America.  “My paintings show how beauty is only skin-deep and how we tend to hide behind this façade, when in reality we need to uncover our real issues and discover ourselves. My art is like a mirror to society –in private we’re ourselves, but in public, we’re veiled by many layers we put up.”

It’s no wonder so many people have Miller on their one to watch lists, he’s considered an artist to invest in an artist of today who will be remembered tomorrow   Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, art with power and impact that has left us wanting more.  read more…

Karolina Albricht Interview

Karolina Albricht was born in Cracow, she went on to study in both her home town and Holland and now lives and works in London.  Karolina is making her mark on the art world with her unique style and incredible depictions of the realities and surroundings of humanity.  Themes of her work include self conflict, the balancing act of desire and meeting your aspirations and the constant battle of self-control.  Depicting the energy of someone and the elements of experience is at the forefront of her figurative work, she is able to portray the extremities of a decision and the blurred boundaries that extend into a ‘submit or self-destruct’ existence.  Controversial themes such as suicide are tackled head on with two levels from contrasting angles one intimate and one reflective.

The intimate portraits act as close-ups of deep-rooted emotion that is prevalent in this subject. The reflective pieces convey the contemplating mood of landscapes, reflecting beauty and allure of death upon nature.’ Karolina Albricht.

Karolina has been exhibiting since 2006 and is now represented by London galleries.  We were very happy when Karolina agreed to our interviews, we really wanted to feature her work, art that we love and are very excited about.  We urge you to follow Karolina on her artistic journey.   read more…

Robert Fitzmaurice Interview

Robert Fitzmaurice is an artist who lives and works in Reading in the UK.  Creating work that does not fit a conscious style he leans towards lyrical figurations.  His art is focused on three themes; single standing figures, figure groups, and figures in landscape/seascape settings.  Robert creates work that is bold, expressive with dramatic use of colour and form.  We were drawn to his work and loved his use of subtle lines and texture.  The depiction of ideas and feelings that he produces is emotive and impactful with a style that displays his individuality.  Robert’s work is often influenced by family and the senselessness of humanity.  He  has a need to unite pictorial, physical and psychological dimensions within his incredible work.  Robert has been exhibiting widely since studying for his degree in 1981, bringing his vibrant work to a captive audience.  Robert brings a free and powerful presence, he depicts the very essence of the figure, the gestures and abstracted narratives in a beautiful and captivating way.  This is work that will trigger your memories and inspirations,  work that requires a lingering moment, a depth of thought and an inquisitive eye.  Thank you so much Robert it is such a pleasure to feature your wonderful art.  read more…

Roman Lokati Interview


Interview with Roman Lokati by Javier Melian ( co-founder)

Roman Lokati studied applied Arts in Cadiz, Spain, and continued in UK at the London College of Communication where he studied surface design, textiles, and ceramics. He joined a ceramics studio and started doing figurative work. The ‘Travellers’ series started when he moved to London and begun going backwards and forwards between UK and Spain. “It’s also an internal journey of self discovery” he confesses. Travellers started in 2009 after completing a print course. He explored different techniques like linocut or dry point. From two dimension he moved to a tridimensional space, making iron sculptures. This is how he found his own narrative, his own language to communicate with a global public that can only understand too well where he is coming from.

His artistic journey started in 89 when he was selected by his province, Cadiz, to take part in an important local art festival. The organisers bought all his works that are now part of the Province of Cadiz contemporary art collection. In 93 he was reselected for the same exhibition. In the London jungle he found the energy he thrives on as Roman is such a hyperactive person. Ever since he has not stopped: read more…

D Vincic Sisters

Photo credit

Natalija and Gordana are sisters from a creative family who have been painting together since they were children.  They now work together not only as artists but development consultants and insight mentors, creating work for personal and spiritual development.   As children they were taken on archaeological excavations by their father, an archaeologist and were surrounded by myths, legends, frescoes, paintings and symbols, which is clearly an inspiration in their current work.   Natalija and Gordana initially took different paths, Natalija a professional artist who for many years ran her own Gallery in Greece and Gordana a qualified social worker who studied at the University of Lund. She has 15 years of experience as a leader, mentor and coach.  They now bring their individual strengths together in an artistic partnership that builds on mutual ideas and a shared passion.   Their work is bold and packed with surreal and fantastical narratives that draw you in and make you think.  The art they create is imaginative and thoughtful with an intention to bring out the subconscious.   read more…

Tatyana Hurynovich Interview

Tatyana Hurynovich is an artist from Belarus, who has recently found her creative urge.  After a career in journalism her artist tendencies could not be suppressed any longer.  Inspired by artists such as Monet and the beauty of people and places Tatyana is an expressive artist creating work that displays mood, feelings and thoughts.  One of our favourite pieces is The Princess of Ceylon, a beautiful portrayal with gazing eyes, rich colouring and an exotic setting.  Her queen series of ten paintings celebrate women with symbols of beauty, feminine power and strength.  Partially self-taught Tatyana continues to explore different mediums and techniques all capturing the essence of a person or a place.  We are looking forward to following Tatyana’s continued development.  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us this is the start of an exciting artist journey.  read more…

ATM Interview


Interview with ATM by Javier Melian ( co-founder)

I’ve been a fan of ATM since I saw this mighty bird, a mistle thrush, painted on a wall in Greenwich. I stood up from a distance, in the middle of a plot of land now being developed into houses, like everywhere else around London. I looked up to admire the majestic simplicity of it.

I breathed very deeply into my lungs and I heard silence. It was as if my feet grew roots that went down to wrap the core of the Earth, and my mind climbed the rooftops and wanted to scream. A shake up, a slap on the face, a wake up call from this dream we call civilization; that never-ending list of daily priorities that we learn through life to pay attention to until they become the reason of our existence. I lost that moment of realisation and took a pic. Tweeted the bird, pun intended, and got many many Likes. Ever since I have been on an egg hunt, second pun, to discover these extraordinary creatures perching on streets, hospitals, and estates across London. read more…

Taylor Thomas Interview

The Road Gallery is a contemporary, curated, online gallery representing some of America’s finest emerging artists. A goal of the gallery is to make art more accessible to everyone. In support of this goal, Road Gallery Owner and Curator Neil Jacobs recently interviewed rising star, Taylor Thomas. Thomas is a mixed-media artist, currently living and working in Nashville, TN. She studied Studio Art at Davidson College, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2012. Her work has been exhibited in North Carolina and Texas and is part of numerous private collections across the nation. She pursues art as both a development of aesthetics, as well as a venue for community dialogue and impact.

They covered a lot of ground including her early days, her inspiring and sometimes difficult journey, her route to finding balance between order and freedom and the centrality of spirituality in her life and work. The interview will give you deeper insights into her approach to painting while still leaving you room to add your own interpretations and dialogue. This is one of Taylor’s hope for her artwork. read more…

Gemma Compton Interview

Gemma Compton was born in 1982 in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. We asked Gemma to take part in our interviews after seeing her work and fell instantly in love with her mix of urban art and traditional technique.  Gemma grew up in a small Cotswold town which instilled a ‘cohabitation’ with nature that has never left her.  She has harnessed her love of nature and taken it with her to Bristol where she lives and works.  Inspired by urban landscapes she focuses on ideals of beauty, money and power. There is a contrasting narrative within her work mixing countryside beauty with creativity drawn from trash TV and high glamour imagery used in magazines, pop culture and celebrity.  Gemma’s work contains graffiti elements, illustration and even photo realism, it is this mix of styles that ensures her art is bold, beautiful and impactful.  There is a softness within her work, a softness that never distracts your eye from the drama of her images ‘Nature is beauty and sometimes beauty is cruel.’ Gemma is certainly an artist to watch, she has been exhibiting throughout the UK and internationally and has been extending her art to product collaborations and larger street art projects.  Gemma thank you so much for sharing your incredible work with us.  read more…

Marnie Scarlet Interview

Today we are very excited to be introducing the fabulous work of artist Marnie Scarlet.  Marnie is an underground sensation and one of the top names in fetish performance.  She has travelled the world performing in her extraordinary latex costumes, every detail adding to the excentric drama and unique style of a fascinating and surreal artist.  She works as a latex designer and has made some outrageous outfits, the next step was to create stories to compliment her spectacular costumes, so for the last six years Marnie has mixed her talent for design with incredible performance and outstanding flare.  She has just held her first solo exhibition ‘Kingdom of the Blind’ in London featuring a vast collection of ‘wearable costumes’ and ‘un wearable art pieces’ as well as special performances of her 3 favourite show pieces. Marnie wants to go bigger and bolder we can only imagine what she will do next. She already mixes body piercing, Burlesque and an element of Cabaret in extravagant performances that will certainly shock or amaze you! We think Marnie’s art is wonderfully weird and beautiful, she is an incredible artist with a bold style and powerful impact.  Marnie will be a special guest at the FLUX exhibition in London 2015, we urge you to come along and view for yourself her outstanding performance art and creations!   Thank you so much Marnie for sharing your work with us.  read more…

Eleanor Buffam Interview

Profile image: Joe Lotito

Eleanor Buffam is an artist living in London who creates work that explores visual perceptions, both conscious and unconscious.  Eleanor works in mixed mediums, often combining photography and painting to produce multi layered work that is strong and impactful.  She is an artist that draws inspiration from both the subjective and objective nature of our visual landscape, dreams and memories.  Tying together her subconscious thoughts and reality she produces work that is a visual interpretation of life and past times with emotion and drama.  Eleanor has had several solo shows in the USA, the UK and Europe and has exhibited widely in group shows worldwide.  We love her ability to capture a moment, the feelings and emotion which are so evident within the eyes and facial expressions of the people she depicts and the haunting nature of pieces such as ‘hell’ that portray tortured souls with a dark beauty and extreme emotion.  Eleanor is without a doubt an exceptionally talented artist who is constantly striving to understand the fragments of alternative realities, and produce art that captures the essence of emotion in all forms.  Thank you Eleanor for sharing your work with us,  we are very excited that you will be joining us at the London FLUX exhibition in 2015.  read more…

Gregory Milburn Interview

Gregory Milburn is an artist from Winchester, Virginia who creates bold, powerful art that is mesmorising to view.  He’s an artist who uses loose brushstrokes with a sense of dark abandonment, energy and passion.  The work that Gregory creates mixes urban culture with rich colours he portrays a wildness and love of surreal landscapes and edgy narratives.  His dramatic ideas and visions from a creative mind are nothing short of spectacular to view.  Gregory is on our ‘one to watch’ list, his output, talent and ability to produce work with a wildness of style is beautiful, edgy , unique and a pleasure to view.   Placement of marks appear so natural with a rawness that all add to the impact of his work.   There is a sense of a chaotic mind mixing the sensibility of life and art onto canvas.  We love your work Gregory and are excited to follow your creative journey.  Thank you for talking to The Palette Pages and sharing your expressive and wonderful art with us.  read more…

Angela Xie and Jing Ma Interview

Angela Xie & Jing Ma Interview by Javier Melian, co-founder

“A Man from a Hot Country” is the current installation over two floors at the wonderfully peculiar ‘Hundred Years Gallery’ in Hoxton, that specialises in unseen, alternative Art with a social background. It tells a story of an illegal immigrant; an artist who moves to London and sells counterfeit designer goods to make a living. The minds and hearts behind the idea are young Chinese Art students Angela Xie and Jing Ma who now live in London but met during their A-Levels in Surrey. Angela is from Guangdong from a family of five siblings!. Jing has a brother. Jing paints and Angela does installations and immersive theatre. The represent the new China. read more…